On the set of "The Hobbit" Ian McKellen (Gandalf) burst into tears of frustration

Gandalf, a powerful wizard, was increased to tears by a common technique. The fact that the shooting of "The Hobbit" he was involved in numerous scenes dwarfs that scenario, of course, is much lower than its height. Playing gnomes actors, meanwhile, were the same height as Ian McKellen.

McKellen had to be removed in a separate studio on the Dwarfs that some scenes were filmed simultaneously. Thus, he always played alone, without partners, against a background of green studio wall. This actor is so disappointed that he was crying. Sir McKellen said:

«Yes, I actually cried. I said out loud ... "Not for this I came into the movie." Unfortunately, my mic at the time was not turned off, and all my words heard in the studio ».

via factroom.ru


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