Real Angry Birds: ancient pigeons could not fly and wings used to control

Extinct species of giant flightless pigeons previously lived in the area of ​​Mauritius, have used their small wings to deal with competitors and communicate with the friendly-minded individuals. Researchers from the Natural History Museum in London, came to this conclusion after studying the fossils rodrigesskih dodo particularly dense bone formation on their wings, dubbed "musket balls." Dodo enjoyed huge round bony growths on the wings to fight with other birds and foraging.

The biggest growths with larger males. Previously it was thought that "musket ball" was the result of an injury or illness, however, after a detailed study of the fossils we were able to conclude that such a structure could be formed because of the work of hormones, when an adult birds had to pick up a pair for mating or to protect the territory from the other males.
Rodrigesskie dodo growths used not only to fight: with the help of wings they communicated with other individuals of their species. According to the preserved historical records, people could hear the sound of wings emitted at a distance of 200 meters.



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