French rider clocked up to 263 km / h on a rocket bike

Cyclist Gissi Francois (Francois Gissy) dispersed on a bicycle to the rocket's 263 km / h, beating the previous record set in the year 2002.

Generally Rocket bike invented by Tim Pickens - rocket designer of «Orion Propulsion», using this technology for hybrid rocket suborbital apparatus «SpaceShipOne». On the modernization of the two-wheel vehicle it took only 5 days and $ 750; thanks rocket engine, bicycle Tim in 2005, was able to accelerate to 97 km / h. Francois Gissi on his rocket bike reached a speed of 263 km / h, beating the record of motorcyclists (242 km / h) set in the year 2002, and cyclists (5 km / h), recorded in 1995, the year. < br />

On the creation of the rocket bike Gissi prompted the Swiss company «Exotic Thermo Engineering» (ETE), has developed a missile with "greener" engines based on hydrogen peroxide. The principle of operation is simple: a special tank filled with a concentrated hydrogen peroxide, then it is placed a catalyst (liquid - ethanol or solid - plastic rod) as a result of the reaction occurs, creating a hot gas pairs (in the order of 650 degrees), resulting in a bicycle in motion .

His record Gissi installed at the airport in «Munchhouse», located in the Upper Rhine, near the Alsace. To fix the speed, the cyclist used the GPS-controller, and the "historic moment" was captured on video and posted on the «LiveLeak».



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