This newspaper vendor wearing a mask with a mustache, long before the hero «V - for Vendetta" and Anonymous

«V - for Vendetta" - the best-selling comic-80-90-ies, created by Alan Moore (screenplay) and David Lloyd (illustration). The protagonist of this hand-drawn stories - an anarchist revolutionary who calls himself a «V», which is fighting for the freedom of Britain, wearing the mask of Guy Fawkes, but few people know that this "mustachioed symbol of protest" was used as early as 1929.

Vendetta Mask in the West is the emblem of the struggle for freedom, purity and transparency of government, as well as the positive political changes, in addition, in modern pop culture, it is used in one of the Internet memes, signifies evil Anonymus. It is believed that it came up with comic book illustrator of «V» David Lloyd, however, as this photo shows, the Parisian newspaper vendor wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, long before the comic book and the more film.

The picture was taken on the streets of Paris in 1929 and published in the Dutch weekly magazine «Het Leven», famous for its bold photo essay. Today, shocking photos Seller newspapers can be found at «Het Geheugen van Nederland», devoted to the history of the Netherlands. Text to the picture says that a masked man with a mustache and a sad smile, probably the impoverished member of the royal family, because of what and had to hide her face.



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