People who annoy you, slow down the performance of your brain

"Stay away from people who annoy you" - calling for scientists from the University of Southern California, investigating how unpleasant affects communication with people on the brain.

It turns out that at the sight of you nasty man speed of mental processes is considerably slowed down, and if in a normal situation in the head includes so-called "mirror effect", which allows to perceive what is happening, then when you look at someone who irritates, this process is disrupted. The gray matter begins to work more slowly and as a result we take action, we unpleasant person like inhibited.

Previous studies have shown that the brain is affected and belonging to a single race or a physical resemblance: More people tend to sympathize with those who, in their opinion, has them something in common. To prove this, the researchers collected two groups of volunteers from the Jewish men, with one half of the group presented as the second group of neo-Nazis, and the other half - as the ordinary law-abiding citizens. When subjects in the second group were with the alleged neo-Nazis, "mirror effect" in the prefrontal cortex of the brain did not work - this is shown by the data of computed tomography. In the presence of the second half of the first group of participants in the experiment - the people, according to legend, no Nazi tendencies, - representatives of the brain control group worked in "normal mode". Thus, according to the researchers, they have evidence that social factors have a significant impact on the thinking and perception of people.



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