25 best inventions of 2014.

The triumph of the human mind ... and Kikstartera

The past year was rich in a variety of claims. Some of them strongly "a noise" in the press, some - go unnoticed. Faktrum translated list of the most significant inventions of the year by the magazine Time.

1. This flying skeytbord

Skateboard, hovering like a fabulous carpet plane, remained a pipe dream after his show in the second part of the movie "Back to the Future." But this year, a California firm Hendo has built a real prototype "floating board».

Of course, it has some limitations. Skateboard by Hendo can soar only three inches above the surface, with the surface to be conductive - for example, it can be made of copper or aluminum. Until now, only 10 made of skateboards. A battery missing from this board only 15 minutes.

However, the technology behind the invention can be revolutionary. The founders of the company Hendo, Jill and Greg Henderson plans to further develop the technology of magnetic "floating" and use it to stabilize the building during an earthquake to protect the priceless works of art and much more.

2. Smart Space korabl

No one got to reach Mars on the first try. It failed to do either in the US or Russia, nor in Europe. But September 24 is turned India. When the interplanetary space station "Mars Orbiter Mission" has entered the orbit of the red planet, it became a kind of technological feat that until now was not able to repeat any other Asian country. Construction of the ship cost India $ 74 million, is less than the budget of the film "Gravity". "Mangalyan" equipped with only five on-board devices that allow him to perform simple tasks, such as measuring the level of methane in atmospheric composition and analysis of the planet's surface. Much more important is that this ship allowed India to demonstrate its "interplanetary muscles" that holds great promise for the country's space program.

3. Thermonuclear reaktor

Fusion - energy production due to the fusion of the nuclei of hydrogen - has always been the holy grail of energy. It is incredibly productive and clean technology that until now has remained unrealized. But in October of this year, the company Lockheed Martin announced that achieved a technological breakthrough that will create a compact fusion reactor, with its size is so small that it can easily fit in the back of a truck. The design uses "containment magnetic mirrors", which allows you to control the reaction. Given the fact that more detailed information about this invention yet, some scientists are skeptical. But if Lockheed Martin is really able to create a workable fusion reactor, world energy consumption will change once and for all.

4. Wireless transmission elektroenergii

We already have a wireless Internet connection and wireless telephones. So why our household appliances are still glued to the outlet? Yes, now there are wireless chargers for small gadgets, such as mobile phones. However, the company WiTricity, located in Massachusetts, used to think big. These techniques use a special coil generating a magnetic field which, in turn, allows charging apparatus at a distance of 2 4 m. This technology has already been tested by Intel, Toyota, and many others. According to the director of Georgia Alex, 10 years might change our rooms and all the household appliances, such as lamps, TV sets, stereos can be powered from a single wireless energy source.

5. Three-dimensional pechat

The machine, the ability to build any object. It sounds like science fiction, but through the development of three-dimensional printing devices that can create objects on digital drawings, using plastic and other materials, this fantasy becomes a reality quickly.

3D-printing technology - good for both corporations and consumers. In the past year, students have appeared printed on the printer model cars for physics lessons, but the scientists were printed out human tissue. Manufacturers of aircraft using 3D-press to increase the efficiency of jet engines. "It's one of those technologies that address virtually everything that we do," - said Avi Reychental, CEO of 3D Systems, whose 3D-printers can, among other things, printing candy (as shown above), and musical instruments. < br />
6. Watch, gave a new definition of the concept of "smart"

Most "smart" watches are very good, but they are trying to combine the experience of using mobile phones. And the results of this "association" is not encouraging. And watch Apple - is a complete computer on the wrist, with the new interface, which combines physical buttons with a touch screen. With the help of these hours, you can not only tell time, but also to send messages to monitor the state of health, make payments, and much more. They are also attractive in terms of fashion, as the most expensive models of these watches are decorated with gold. "The Apple put heart and soul into this project," - said Robert Brunner, founder of the design studio in San Francisco and a former director of the department of industrial design Apple.

7. The smartphone that puts the privacy of the first mesto

Experts estimate that nearly half of the users do not feel safe sharing of confidential information via smartphones. So can the owner of a smartphone to hide sensitive information securely? This can help Blackphone, smartphone, where the confidentiality of user information put at the forefront. This device was developed by the eponymous company, and it happened shortly after Snowden revelatory publications. The device uses a modified system Android, which exclude unauthorized access to confidential information. In addition, the smartphone comes with special software that allows you to encrypt calls, text messages and the history of Internet surfing (because of this Blackphone already attracted the attention of law enforcement, because there is believed that it may be used by criminals seeking to cover their tracks) .

But even with such a smartphone user should think carefully before you download something or write something. "It is dangerous to think that you are now something like the invisibility cloak," - said General Director Blackphone Toby Wayne Jones.

8. The cooler, which will charge your vecherinku

For 60 years, coolers cool makes life easier, offering guests at parties chilled drinks and snacks. But Ryan Greppera this was not enough, and he created the world's first "smart cooler" called Coolest Cooler. Of course, there are stored drinks and food. But still it has a built-in blender for mixing cocktails, there are LED lights cover, which you can find the drink even in the dark, there is a USB-port for charging phones, which often sit at parties. And yet it has a large wheels that make it very easy to move.

9. Chip eliminates the sutulosti

You probably know why many people hunched over time, there is a pain in the back. "We simply forget that it is necessary to stop slouching," - says Monica Perkash of company Lumo BodyTech, which created a special "reminding" the chip. Once the user pristegnёt to his shirt this gadget the size of a thumb, it begins to monitor and analyze the position of the back and neck, and vibrates when the posture is incorrect. The system is not yet perfected. The gadget can vibrate when the user leans on the need, for example, to answer the telephone. Despite this, the demand for the device is already oversubscribed, with half of the users - women.

10. The machine, which makes electric cars more soblaznitelnee

Until recently, electric vehicles have been relatively slow, it is "asexual" and the cost incredibly expensive. It was not until as long as the BMW has not released an electric I3. The machine is able to go 113 kilometers on a single charge. And thanks to the new design, the driver can use one pedal for acceleration and deceleration for (he pushes it up to speed and let go to slow down). This leads to more energy-efficient driving style. The main reason for not buying electric cars - it concerns the buyers that the battery is discharged in the middle of the road. The problem boils down to BMW, to allay these fears. Therefore, I3 can be built a small gasoline engine, allowing in case of an emergency recharge the batteries.

11. The tablet that replaces noutbuki

Last "hybrid" from Microsoft combines the power of a laptop and a slim body of the tablet. With it you can run many popular applications, the kit contains a thin cover, also performs the functions of the keyboard, and built-in stand that allows you to put the device on the table. Because of these characteristics of a "hybrid" has massively buy large companies, such as Coca-Cola and others.

12. The ring, reminiscent of important soobscheniyah

Like many other business-woman, Christina Merkando smartphone keeps in her purse. This means she occasionally gets him in order to check important messages. But what if she could get all the important information from some device which had put on her? Such ideas have led to the appearance of the line rings Ringly. These rings can be programmed so that they will flash every time the owner receives an email from his boss when he gets a text message from his driver, and so on. D. Merkando former design manager on the auction site eBay, was able to earn more than 1 million dollars on their rings. The first batch of 1,000 rings Ringly, released in July of this year, were sold in 24 hours.

13. Box for tablets, passing on lichnosti

"I grew up in a family, owns and manages a pharmacy" - said TJ Parker, who knows firsthand how difficult it is to keep track of people, what drugs to take, especially if the doctor prescribed them to several recipes. That's why e-pharmacy, which he currently manages, PillPack, bubbles do not trade with medicines. Instead, every two weeks, patients are sent a pharmacist who has all their recipes printed on a special ribbon with the date and time. The tape is placed into a special box. Currently pharmacy serves only patients with a very large number of medical prescriptions. But Parker's ultimate goal - to make supplementation has become easier for everyone, even for patients with short courses of antibiotics.

14. Bananas prevent slepotu

In Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, about 30% of children under the age of 5 years the risk of going blind for one simple reason: they do not get enough of the vitamin A, which is essential for normal functioning of the eye. But what if we take a banana, being the majority of the diet of these children, and to improve them so that they compensate for the lack of vitamin A? This idea occurred to genetics from Australia Dale James, when he in the beginning of 2000, visited Uganda. That's when Dale and his team set about creating "superbananov" fortified with vitamin A. Tests of new banana on humans will begin in the near future.

15. The wheel, pushed velosipedista

Everyone knows that cycling is useful for both humans and the environment. But riding a bike can be a daunting task, especially if you have to ride in the hills. To help cyclists to handle the load, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it has been developed a special, "The Copenhagen wheel". It is standard size, so that it can be put on most bikes. The wheel has a motor powered by a rechargeable battery. The engine can be operated in different modes, depending on the terrain, and the preferences of the rider. And about their preferences cyclist can report the engine through a special app on your smartphone. Moreover, the wheel has sensors that monitor the state of the road, say a pothole, or even fixed air temperature. Thus cyclists in real-time can share with each other the optimal route.

16. Language Translator zhestov

Millions of people with hearing impairment to normal communication usually requires people-sign language interpreters, whose services are often quite cheap. But what if you create a device consisting of a tablet, connected to multiple cameras detect motion and voice device that can translate American Sign Language into spoken words, and the ability to translate spoken words into text in real time?

"The need for this is very high," - writes Ryan Haight-Campbell, CEO MotionSavvy, who himself is deaf. I agree with him a lot of people, because the team has now managed to collect more than $ 20,000 for the completion of studies.

17. Filter against the virus Ebola

The worst thing in the Ebola virus - is its speed. Within a few days it can create in the body so many copies of itself that the human immune system to them simply do not have time. However Hemopurifier, a special cartridge that is attached to the dialysis machine, able to tip the scales in the direction of the body: the filter cartridge can remove the Ebola virus from the blood, as it passes through it. It has been tested only once, on a patient in Germany, but it has helped - the patient was able to recover from the infection. In the future, doctors hope that similar technology will be used in the fight against hepatitis.

18. Stick to the self (and hairbrush) 72,871,266

If the 2013th was the year in which the self has become fashionable, then the year 2014 was the year in which the self has become a cultural phenomenon. In one of the reports, researchers say, that at least a quarter of Americans at least once laid Self in social networks. Smelling profit, some companies have started to manufacture devices that simplify the process of creating self. Many of these devices, such as a comb, holding a smartphone, not in great demand. But Selfie stick (which is now produced by several companies), allows you to have a smartphone at an optimum distance to get the best photos, found their buyers.

19. Air-conditioning, lowering costs elektroenergiyu

Air Aros was released in 2014, and has now sold more than 50,000 units of this device. This is not like the air conditioning unit, built-in window. It is elegant, smooth and white. And yet he is a smart, sometimes even too much. With special applications installed in smartphones, the air conditioner can keep track via GPS position holders, and included (or conversely - disconnected) depending on how far the owners are away from home. And he can tell the owner how much money he spends on home cooling. According to the owners, the use of Aros reduces energy costs by an average of 10%.

20. The prison cell that helps rasslabitsya

Every day, for 23 hours 200 prisoners in solitary confinement largest prison Oregon do not see anything except the walls of his tiny cell. Some studies show that it can cause mental illness, and make prisoners prone to violence or suicide. In the past year, officials have allowed them to spend their free time only in the so-called "blue room". This is the room in which the projector shows the desert, waterfalls and the like. These images, according to the researchers, helping prisoners relax.

21. The virtual toy that became realnoy

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