A woman's hair, as the drive of psychic energy.

Hair, in a sense, a mechanism that helps a person to develop spiritually and to maintain a moral quality.

And, strange as it may sound, but the hair of men and women are separated as two different mechanisms that act in different ways.

If a man has hair serve as a receiver, then a woman of her Xhosa - a battery.
In Russia has always been taken to see a girl with a long braid. And, the long braid girl - she was considered the wiser.
The Vedas describe the girl's hair as a place where kopilsya good supply of feminine energy. In Russia, it was thought that the shorter the Xhosa woman - the less power, kindness, love, kindness and wisdom in her soul.
There are many descriptions when loose women's hair saved the whole city from the invasion of the invaders.
In addition, it was determined austerity women, because caring for long hair requires some considerable effort.
Touch and contemplate the loose hair woman could only her husband.

Touching another man meant in the literal sense, insult, followed by the inevitable punishment. Sometimes even punishable by death. After the death of her husband's wife is completely cut off his scythe.
Women in ancient times publicly never went with her hair. Braids hair in braids and cleaned under the hats.
When the girl got into a stressful situation or any difficult situation or problem was taking her a lot of effort, it was always calm and balanced thanks to spit. It's always more accumulated psychic energy.

Here are some rules of hair care:

1. The longer a woman's hair, the more it can affect others.
2. The minimum length - to the middle of the blades (where Anahata Chakra).
3. While the hair is not growing back, you have to collect them from behind and tie a long ribbon, so that it would reach the ends of the blades.
4. The best hairstyle - Spit it.
5. Avoid fiery red hair coloring, as it enhances the power of masculinity.
6. parted balances the energy state. This hairstyle harmonizes the movement of energy in the body of a woman.
7. Side parting should be left alone. That is, the bulk of the hair combed to the left (female) side.
8. combed hair helps to concentrate on the desired goal.
9. The first time a child should cut their hair after a year.
10. The hair can not throw. They must be collected into a ball and burn.


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