People are able to see their own final even blindfolded

So good brain controls telo

Blindfolded - not an obstacle to the brain, both in total darkness your brain will continue to think that could see the movement of your body, creating a visual sense of movement, even if they see is not really possible.

Researchers from the University of Rochester and Vanderbilt University conducted a series of experiments. From 50% to 75% of the subjects, depending on the test reported being able to see shadows moving their hands if they brandished in the face, although tight bandage exclude the possibility of getting light on the eyes.

Scientists say that when the subjects "saw" the hand movements of their eyes under the eyelids, or a bandage was smooth. If the real object that the eye could see, there, the eye movements are usually jerky.

The effect is most pronounced in people suffering from synesthesia, whose perceptions are not as sharp as that of a healthy person. Participated in the study were more likely to sinestetiki "see" the movement even in the dark, and are better able to track the trajectory of his hands.

Kevin Dieter, one of the authors of the study, believes that our brains are so reliably controls our movements, that we are able to predict the anticipated motion picture, even without actual visual information.



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