The artist demonstrated how the world looks through the eyes of cats

Imagine yourself koshkoy

Many cat owners probably dreaming at least for a day to find yourself in the skin of your pet to look at the world through his eyes. Although the authorities of cats on a structure largely similar to human, in the evolution of the eye cats adapted to the specific conditions, so the cat's vision has its own specifics. The representatives of the cat family learned to navigate well in low light and sensitive to the slightest movement, but for this they had to sacrifice the subtleties of color perception, and some other features.

Artist and researcher Nicholas Lamm managed to create a reliable model that makes it possible to imagine how cats see the surrounding reality. After consulting with experts School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Lamm has developed several visualizations that allow you to compare the vision of cats and humans.

When creating this model, Nicholas took into account a variety of factors: for example, the breadth of peripheral vision - in cats, it is 30 on each side, and a man can boast of only 20, so the total breadth of a feline - 200 (180 people). But we can see much further - a man well able to distinguish objects at a distance of about 30 meters, while the cat is difficult to consider the subject, if it is within seven meters of it.

Also, the cat's eye perceives bad brown, red and orange, but sees great blue and yellow. Due to large number of special photo-receptors in the eyes of cats see in the dark at 6-8 times better person - this ability allows wild felines hunt at night. By the way, the cat's eye has an interesting feature that many may have noticed: in the dark, they emit a strange phosphorescent glow, this is due to the presence of light-reflecting pigments in the tapetum - a layer of tissue behind the retina.



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