In China, fake purebred puppies and a week later they die

The Chinese are able to turn in fake absolutely everything ... and prodat

toward dogs in China for us seem terrible: in this country for many years, dogs were used for food, and even now it is not so popular, but still the Chinese still sometimes eat dogs. Most recently, the middle class Chinese citizens began to look at dogs, not only as food, but as pets. Unfortunately, this has led to the emergence of a black market in which goods became the lives of innocent animals.

Chinese traders are trying to sell the dog in any way, just to make a profit, including mongrels like they do on an expensive purebred dogs. Issue of mongrel purebred dog is relatively easy, as long as it is a puppy, but the older she gets, the harder it is to disguise.

To change the appearance of the dogs used by various tricks. For example, a simple white dog can turn into a Dalmatian dog if artificially dyed and stretch her skin and shave off the excess wool.

But the worst thing - a "week of the dog," purebred puppies, often ill distemper or parvovirus. The seller makes the puppy blood transfusion, injected him various stimulants and painkillers, which allows the puppy to live a few days, but usually at the end of the week the puppies again fall ill and die.

When the indignant host reiterates its request to the seller a complaint that he had sold a sick puppy, the seller can always say that the cause of death of the animal served as poor care. Some sellers are constantly traveling, so that by the time the dog dies, they have long left the city.

The Chinese law is almost no provisions on trade in animals, so that the best that can expect to deceive the buyer - it's free replacement dog. So, buying a puppy in the street in China, be careful - it is possible that a puppy without veterinary documents already doomed.



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