In the German city bohmte abolished the traffic lights - and since there are no accident

If you remove all the traffic lights, then chaos will not be - proved in several gorodami

If you bring in more traffic, it will be safer, maybe even faster. At least, that's how it seems at first glance. And if you cancel all the rules, then chaos will reign on the road, right?

The experiment showed that there is no wrong. City called bohmte decided to get rid of traffic lights and traffic rules for the verification system called "Common Space", where the boundaries between vehicular and pedestrian areas are blurred, and that all were safe, everyone should take care of that to the best of their ability and capacity .

It was a success: the number of accidents has been reduced to a minimum, and the city became a model for other cities wishing to test the idea, too. The same system adopted in England Ispvich, Frankfurt in Germany, Ostend in Belgium and a tiny American town of Langley, Washington. So far, everyone is happy.



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