Stephen Hawking argues that the evolution of the human mind will bring more harm than good

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In 1996, Stephen Hawking in his famous lecture, "Life in the Universe" explained that we are entering a new stage of evolution, and the mind can not be an evolutionary advantage to humans.

Hawking said that biological evolution occurs very slowly by natural selection of random mutations. What he calls "Darwinian phase" of evolution, it took about 3, 5 billion years of slow and steady progress.

And now we have entered a phase which Hawking calls "external transfer". This means that our evolution is not DNA directs, and the information around us. Language in particular appeared about 10 000 years ago, writing allowed mankind to grow by leaps and bounds. Maybe faster than needed for our own good.

The mind is dangerous, because we have to keep the same primitive instincts and aggressive impulses, as in the Stone Age, but we now have nuclear weapons, and scientific achievements to create a genetically modified virus. But, according to Hawking, the time to wait until "Darwinian" evolution make us smarter and kinder, no.



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