The girl was born after her mother was hit by lightning in and her hair electrified a year

The Story of a wonderful spaseniya

Kimberly-year-old Gordon was born in very unusual circumstances. The girl learned to light as a result of caesarean section, after both her mother was hit by lightning. It was in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It seems incredible, but the miracle child was able to survive the electric shock. However, the consequences still have: the hair on the head of the girl under the "static" now always stick absolutely straight.

This event occurred in the past year, July 4, when Ian Gordon and his girlfriend Kendra Villanueva, located in the 38th week of pregnancy, watched the fireworks in honor of Independence Day of the United States. Started to rain, it was followed by a storm, and the couple was forced to run for cover. As they ran past the tree, they are struck by lightning.

According to Ryan, the lightning went through his head, then "jumped" on the body of Kendra, went through it and "rushed" through the thumb of her hand. "They both came to their senses, and looked at us," said Lt. Ryan Perry of the Department of Fire Safety of Albuquerque, who first came to the aid of the pair.

«However, we know that in spite of this, they are likely to have internal damage that we have at the moment could not see. So they had to send to the hospital as soon as possible ».

blockquote> The couple was immediately taken to the emergency room at the Hospital of the University of New Mexico, where doctors decided to encourage childbirth, and to take the girl for two weeks before they are due. "We all understood that it was a miracle that the girl survived," said Yang.

But while Kimberly survived, it has a number of neurological damage produced by lightning. Yang said that during the first six months, she rarely gets to sleep normally. Even today, Kimberly could neither sit comfortably or properly digest food. "It's very hard to see that she can not have, like everyone else, and can be powered only through the tube," said Kendra. "Nevertheless, I am very glad that she was able to survive the Sun g it." Kimberly Doctors are not sure whether she would ever walk normally or speak, but they are still surprised that the girl was able to survive such a shock. This happens very rarely, of 11 babies are in the womb at the time of lightning, only half survive. "Someone at the top is definitely watching over us," said Yang. Now he calls his daughter "Little Flash Gordon", in honor of the hero of a comic book, published in 1930.



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