Beethoven felt that perfect cup of coffee must contain exactly 60 coffee beans

Morning vigor in nemetski

If some conversation pops up the name of Ludwig van Beethoven, all at once remember anything about his music or comedy of the same name, the main role which played a huge dog. But few know that Beethoven was a great lover of coffee, and moreover, he could drink a coffee, from which the average person would have long since melted teeth.

The great composer could not normally start the day, if not in the morning drinking a cup of coffee, which is always cooked exactly 60 coffee beans. Coffee lovers know that one cup of coffee contains the modern average of 10 grains less. However, we must bear in mind the fact that Beethoven with their coffee beans did not do anything. He simply grind them and cooked in boiling water, while the modern coffee beans are great pretreatment before consumers will be in the cups. Thus, the amount of caffeine in one cup of morning Beethoven was that the modern coffee lover from his heart would explode right in the chest.

And now about why Beethoven believed that his cup to be that 60 grains. According to people who have studied this man a lot longer than you and I, Beethoven was convinced that the 60 - this is the number of grains, which is required for the preparation of an ideal in all respects, a cup of coffee. So he always drank coffee made from it is such a large number of grains, even if it meant that he would have to sit down and count the grains. According to people who have tried the composer of coffee, the drink tasted very good. This is surprising given the fact that Beethoven was a terrible cook. Once he almost made a house fire, and then he had to hire a maid, because he could not understand how to operate his own oven.



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