Belarusian family brings a whole family of wolves

Pets are raznye

Belarusian family from the village Zachereve that 250 km north of Minsk, the whole family keeps wolves as pets. Five years ago, the family Seleh got a group of young wild wolves, and now they are completely homemade, and their behavior is very different from what people usually expect from these animals. It is assumed that the wolves are almost impossible to tame, and their flocks there is a strictly defined hierarchy, headed by is always an alpha pair. But the wolves from the family Seleh not demonstrate any of these qualities. Instead, they are quite happy group play and entertain 10-year-old Alice Seleh. They even change each other, rolling the girl in the garden.

Wolves also do not show any interest in human flesh: Alice can walk among them, he allows himself to lick and not afraid of being caught razor-sharp fangs.

The unique relationship began in 2009, when Alice's father, a local huntsman, Oleg, brought home the young wolves. Oleg was in one of his usual trips forest when his dog, Silva discovered four orphaned cubs. Their parents were shot by hunters, so that these touching fur lumps are unlikely to have survived the winter on their own. As a result, Oleg took them all to the house built for them a special pen, and raised as pets. Over the years, the family wolves Seleh like locals, who often gather to watch as Alice played with a pack.

The whole story looks very nice, but animal experts warn that domesticated wolves can be more dangerous than the wild. In wild wolves there is a natural fear of man, and they tend to avoid humans and domesticated wolves lose this fear that makes them a serious threat.



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