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turns out, the age of various parts of the body can vary greatly. Perhaps you have long suspected it, but now science has proved it. Researchers from the University of California have found a way to determine how rapidly aging different parts of your body. This method includes the study of human DNA, and isolating the so-called "methylation patterns».

Different types of our fabrics have different "patterns" and the aging of these "patterns" are becoming more and more "methylated" and show great change in the number of different chemical compounds in them. This allows scientists to determine the actual age of a particular tissue.

Ironically, one of the most rapidly aging of tissues in the human body is the female breast tissue. Samples of tissue taken and examined in the light of methylation patterns showed that breast tissue at an average of three years older than the other tissues of the human body. Perhaps this premature aging is just the reason that breast cancer is so much widespread, because cancer cells also exhibit premature and very rapid aging.

But it's not so scary. Because the researchers found, and other tissues in the body that are always younger than the others. For example, heart tissue that is constantly updated with stem cells may be a few years younger than the rest of the body, and this you can proudly announce your next birthday. The method has proved its incredible accuracy in the study a wide variety of tissues. We studied the tissue of the heart, liver, lung, colon.

Investigated even blood (red blood cells have different lifetime, certain lymphocytes, e.g., live many years). The opening has a lot of interesting applications. It can be used to accelerate the study of aging and age-related diseases. Scientists will be able to see exactly, does the human body is only a disease or illness affects the body in combination with premature aging. It is also believed that this method may be able to predict various types of cancer, by detecting the human body cells aging at an accelerated rate. Scientists made the discovery, gave the public full access to his method in the hope not that it will help other researchers in their work for the treatment of age-related diseases.

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