15+ Creative Ideas How to Use Old Junk

1. The old bicycle parts can be converted here in this lyustru

2. If you suddenly find a sea mine, you will be able to make her original fireplace

3. Everyone is likely to have an old suitcase. From it you can make just such an unusual first-aid kit.

4. In the old trampoline, you can breathe a second life, making of it here is a TIG-vam.

5. If your dream to become a pianist was a fiasco, but all the old piano also holds precious square footage, you can make it a creative book polki.

6. If your garage stray engine Boeing 747, do not rush to throw it, because of it you can make a wonderful table for negotiations.

7. The old piano can be an ideal fountain in your sadu

8. The old boat that lived their own, can be a wonderful addition to your home here such as bed-gamaka.

9. Do not rush to throw a cot from which your child has grown. From it can come here to study such a party.

10. Flick of the wrist, the skateboard turns ... in an elegant kacheli

11. Apply a little imagination, a pair of extra hangers you can make a stylish kreslo.

12. Another use for multi-piano - wonderful akvarium.

13. Old bicycle, which only takes place in the garage can be supplemented with the grace of an interior bathroom like this:

14. Suitcase obviously have to taste your cat, especially in the form of his new krovati.

15. The old cans can be used as candle holders. Very nice!

16. Even the old bottles of beer can be used wisely, make them unique veshalku.

17. Another way to make creative bookshelves - using trub.


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