16 ingenious way to distract your child to the store!

Children are not terribly fond of going to the supermarket. Here you can argue and say that it is not. In fact, it is so when you go there for the food, not for new toys for your child. Naturally after only 5 minutes of monotonous walk between the shelves with food kid gets terribly boring, and he begins to act up. To avoid this, we suggest you take advantage of these brilliant tips that will distract your child and will give you complete the purchase.

Make a necklace of rings cereal for breakfast

So your child is not only distracted, but can snack while you're shopping

Take a film bursting with bubbles

Children love to burst the bubbles and you know it

Keep your wallet in your small pieces of colored self-adhesive film, a pen and a sheet of paper

With these simple devices children can entertain themselves

Take a shifty eyes Velcro to your kid could stick them on the products in your shopping cart

So he will have food friends with whom he can play while you're shopping

Print out your shopping list, designed just for kids

So they can help you to search for products from its list, and mark the ones that have already been found. Well, if the list of products will be illustrated with pictures of each product next to its name.

Let the kid he finds the right products

If your child is already able to walk, talk, and to distinguish between the products, you can give him a special list, which for each correct item found him to be entitled to remuneration

Let the kids wear what they want

It's little things in life that matter

Including their favorite costume for Halloween

Wearing a cloak of Batman more likely your child will walk with you for food

Give the kid a balloon on a stick

Why on a stick? Because the ball on a stick will prevent your child accidentally let go of it and suffer from the fact that he stuck to the ceiling

Bring along their favorite books

If your child already knows how to read, then surely he has a favorite book, which you can take with you and distract the child

Allow your child to choose a coloring

Before you start shopping, let your child choose a paint that he could decorate in the store or start making it at home

Bring a special "shopping" snack

Of course your child has a favorite treat. Bring a bag of his favorite yummy and it probably will not keep you from shopping

Or freeze yogurt, making it a useful delicacy

Which, of course you will also be able to take a right into the package

Hammock for a basket

And for the little ones you can buy a special hammock that will fit into the cart with the baby

Shop at a store that offers samples

Of course these little shops, but they are. And if you know this, then go with your child is to

When you want to buy clothes and shoes

If you need to buy new clothes for your baby, you can do it without him. Circle both his feet on the paper, cut them out and go with them to the store. Also, remove the baby from the other measurements that help you not to be mistaken with the choice of clothes


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