16 tips to make your dog happy. And you included!

Bad breath, hair on the carpet, bad smell in the house ... No, it's not about the life of a bachelor, and a dog lover boards. How to get rid of unnecessary problems once and for all.

We love our dogs, but sometimes there are different issues. What if the little dog got lost? And what to do with the smell of his mouth? What foods you can not eat it? Below, you can find answers to many exciting moments.

Fresh breath facilitates understanding between the master and his pupil, and helps in the fresh parsley, if it does add a little food.

Dry food is best stored in a sealed plastic container. So it does not dry and it is convenient to fill.

If your Obzhorka too fast enough food, not perezhёvyvaya, put it in a bowl of a tennis ball, it's more difficult access to food and it has become slower.

Do not write in the name of the dog collar, the kidnappers will be much easier to lead a dog, it is better to write the phone number.

The dog does not like to brush your teeth? Smear a little special paste for dogs in the toy that he likes to chew, and the trick is done.

Old sweater, pillow, unnecessary cloth - and comfortable mat for your pet ready.

If the dog is small and can easily pass through the fence, this simple device will keep the dog for a long time.

Find a friend to help a lost trick peeped hunters: it is necessary to put in place, where the favorite lost, a couple of things that bore the owner at least one day, or a favorite toy dog. Leave a note asking not to clean things, but do not put the food, otherwise it will attract other dogs, it is better to put a bowl of water. Dog uchuet familiar smells and will return to this place and, most likely, will be waiting for you next to your same things.

If the dog is not feeling well, and he refuses to eat, you can give him a cup of chicken broth, so he gets the necessary nutrients. Naturally, salt should be added very little.

Normal carabiner will quickly fasten the leash.

Baking powder helps to get rid of stains and odors of urine on the carpet.

Useful in the heat treat for your pet: apple slices pour chicken broth and freeze. Sounds, of course, it is strange, but he likes it.

Attention! These products are dangerous for dogs! Alcohol, garlic, onions, chocolate, sugar, grapes, apricots, mushrooms - all this can poison an animal or cause harm.

Rubber brush can remove hair from the carpet.

The rubber cap will not let water in the eyes and ears of dogs. Yes, and you'll laugh till you drop!

Well, the more I do not need to hold your breath when my dog ​​is breathing on me, and my hat she had fallen in love. Share these tips with your friends, maybe they will be useful to them.

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