8 unexpected (scientifically tested) tips for those who are married. Without them, can not do!

Find love and keep it throughout life - not an easy task. No matter how strong your feelings, to save the marriage is sometimes very difficult. You probably already know that a harmonious sexual life, trust and empathy - an indispensable condition to maintain the relationship. But there are some unexpected scientific facts that will help make a marriage successful.

These 8 tips will help keep the love for years to come:

1. Save the wedding.

We've learned that the wedding should be celebrated magnificently and in a big way. But scientists do not advise to do it, because the results of their surveys show that couples who spend less money on the wedding, stay together much longer than those who go down to the triumph of huge sums.

2. Communicate in the network.

Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences say that couples who communicate among themselves on the Internet, the divorce rate is much lower than those who do not. Also, these couples had higher levels of relationship satisfaction. Quite a good reason to add the wife Vkontakte or Facebook.

3. Do not live online.

To communicate on the Internet from time to time - a good idea, but do not need to be reduced to this all your joint pastime. In 2014, researchers at Boston University conducted a study which showed that frequent use of social networking reduces the level of satisfaction in marriage.

4. Watch movies together.

Another study, conducted by psychologists shows that couples who regularly watch movies together, keep longer and harmonious relations. The point is that discussing and thinking about what is happening on the screen, they can safely express their views and thoughts about relationships, learning the views of the partner.

5. Answer the pesky distractions comments.

Renowned psychologist John Gottman argues that when the partner interrupts your reading, watching a movie or work frazochkami stupid or asking to see a picture from the Internet, it is important to keep calm and to respond positively to this. Because your behavior in such situations directly affect the quality and length of your relationship.

Gottman studies have shown that couples who have kept long-term relationship, pay attention to your partner distracting phrases in nine out of ten cases. And those that will soon divorced - three times out of ten.

6. Uses the word "we" during fights.

"I" love "you" - a good option, but "we" like "us" - at times better. Research scientists at UC Berkeley have shown that couples who use the words "we" and "us" are able to more efficiently and with fewer losses out of the conflict than those who use the pronouns "I" and "you».

7. Lift your partner on a pedestal.

Treat your partner as earthly creatures - one of the conditions, which helps to make the marriage a truly happy. Scientists at the University at Buffalo have concluded that there is a direct link between those to live in a happy marriage and look at your partner's eyes shining. They conducted a survey of 222 married couples, and those who spoke about his second half positively, perhaps somewhere exaggerating her personal qualities, maintained excellent relations for a longer period of time.

8. Do what you enjoy both.

Many people know that hanging out - the key to a strong relationship. In fact, this statement only works if what you are doing, brings pleasure to both partners. If you're going to engage in a soul mate pastime, she does not like you very much risk to spoil relations. Therefore it is better to do something to one and save the marriage, and share with your partner only hobby that he, too, like.

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