Undercover properties of spices. It turns out, seasonings affect the nature of man!

The world of spices, full of spicy flavors and bright colors, conceals many secrets. In addition, it improves food spices, changing the taste, smell and even color, they are biologically active substances. Spices affect the metabolism, especially on the endocrine system, able to facilitate the work of some bodies - such as the gallbladder and liver. It is well-known facts. What is surprising - it appears, spices can affect the human condition! They change their mood, behavior, psychological reactions. Read about the impact of spices, such information can help you choose just the right, you suitable spices.

If it is used in food, your character will have more tenderness and tranquility. Asafoetida helps to normalize relations with close relatives. Spice is very useful for the skin, smooths wrinkles.

This spice will give you the ability to resist difficulties. Ginger gives the opportunity to stay all day in the waking state, relieves fatigue after physical and mental stress, stress. If you lack commitment, courage, determination, ginger - it is what we need.

Wonderful orange-yellow turmeric develops in man thoroughness, a sober assessment of the situation, calm in solving problems. It stabilizes the psyche, helps to resist stress.

Spicy chili can help you get rid of vanity, rudeness, ill-considered actions. You can easily find common ground with people who previously seemed completely alien to you.

Nutmeg develops a determination to overcome difficulties. From a more rapid and active rhythm of life will be free time, nutmeg - a good natural stimulant. Focus on something important to you will no longer be a problem.

Improves resistance to negative manifestations of reality. Consumption of a small amount will make it possible to carry arrogant, rude, irritable people. It will be food for people who work in the heavy moral and psychological conditions.

This spice lets be more independent, to establish the correct mode of the day. It causes the body and the spirit in tone, so that you do everything twice as fast.

Fennel wonderful removes the oppressive fatigue, you will become more flexible to perceive the world

This spice increases the softness of the character, become warmer relations with the people. You will be kind, gentle, calm, balanced, flexible. Shambhala helps to improve family relationships, remove excessive excitement in children.

Mustard black
If you are not able to rest - mustard teach you this. Eating this spice, you learn to relax, you get to know your inner world. It helps those who are learning to meditate and look at life consciously.

Cardamom imparts the ability of nature to forgive the offender. Unnecessary purchases will cease to be a threat to your budget - cardamom teaches saves not buy what you do not need.

If you're used to doubt everything, I do not trust the people, this spice can help you become a more open, sincere person.

Nigella sativa
Nigella sativa - the spice that makes the view of the world more optimistic, bright. If you tend to lose heart, use it for food.

Now you know about these incredibly beneficial properties of spices. Think what would you like to change in yourself and choose the appropriate seasoning. I fit ginger, it is not surprising that I intuitively recently bought it. And what do you like? Tell us in the comments, share the experience of their relationship with spices.

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