Only 2 yoga poses that are necessary to preserve the tone of the body and soul. Start today!

In our busy world, sometimes there is no place, and minute of the holiday. But to preserve physical and mental health do not need a lot of time. Suffice it to perform two yoga postures every day, the body was in good shape, and the soul - in blissful peace. Yoga also helps you to throw a few extra kilos.

Each yoga class, I start with squats and tilt.

This is the most basic poses. They should be carried out, even if it's the only exercise that you do. From these two postures can obtain the greatest impact.

Many yoga postures are simply variations of squats and tilt. Squatting - this contraction, and the slope - stretching. This movement "yin-yang", which complement each other.

Why squat?

Pose "squat" (MalasaƱa) helps maintain the flexibility of the hip ligaments. This is where the accumulated emotions this pose frees. Moving hip ligaments help to avoid stagnation of energy.

Also this posture strengthens the muscles of the back and legs, allowing the body and internal organs to take the correct natural position, which may be disrupted due to a sedentary lifestyle and lead to headaches.

Why is the slope?

Forward Bend (utanasana) helps relax and stretch the muscles of the back and shoulders and pull the spine. This posture helps the body to get used to be upside down, and is ready to further stretching back postures.

Also, the slope of the stretches and strengthens the muscles of the legs and hips and has a positive effect on the nervous system. In conjunction with the squatting helps to release the hip, calm the mind and strengthen the body.

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