Weak signal Wi-Fi? To solve the problem, you can use the usual tin!

Those with homes worth Wi-Fi router, probably faced with a problem when the signal does not reach the most distant rooms. This may be the result of what you have is a weak router, or because of the construction of your house or apartment. For this problem there is a simple but very effective solution - from a simple tin can you make the signal amplifier. Now you will have Wi-Fi even in the farthest corners of the apartment!

You'll need a pair of scissors, tin cans and a small piece of plasticine.

1. Thoroughly rinse with water jar.

2. Break off from her opener.

3. Completely cut off bedplate.

4. The upper part also need to cut, but not entirely - leave uncut piece of metal.

5. On the reverse side of this piece make a continuous slit.

6. Secure this design using clay on the router.

Power is ready! Just do not forget to send a reflector in the right side of you.

Elementary! As I previously had not thought of? With this simple trick you can read in every corner of the apartment, and even there, where before you had no signal Wi-Fi.

Use this trick and tell your friends about it!

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