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The radio signal at a frequency of 4625 kHz is expected to air in the end of 70s. The earliest available record dates back to 1982m broadcast year. Since the discovery of radio amateurs, the signal is constantly buzzing broadcasts. Every few years, the buzzing stops and a voice in Russian reads a mixture of numbers and Russian names.

That such a message broadcast in late December 1997:
"I UVB-76, I-76 UVB. 180 08 74 27 99 Broman 14. Boris, Roman, Olga, Michael, Anna, Larissa. 7 4 2 7 9 9 1 4 ยป

Instead stop the broadcast to the collapse of the Soviet Union, UVB-76 is even more active. Since the beginning of the new century, the voice translation have become increasingly frequent.

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The Russian military base from which the broadcast signal of UVB-76 until 2010

The first thing that comes to mind - is that translation is a kind of message, which was written once and has played every time. However, students UVB-76 rather quickly determined that each new message is a copy of the previous one. The buzz created by hand each time.

Modern interest in UVB-76 is primarily obliged Forchanu and board / x /. It is a place where we discuss all the mystical and paranormal. It was from there comes the majority of information on UVB-76 in the external Internet.

In 2010, the volume of online discussion broadcasts increased several times. This was due to the fact that UVB-76 began to give out messages almost every month. A piece of the Swan Lake, the leading female voice counting from 1 to 9, the question mark in Morse code and strange phone calls - all this can be heard on the frequency of 4625 kHz.

All of this activity occurred just before the most significant event in the history of observations of UVB-76 from the 70's, when it was first discovered. In October 2010, the station changed its location. It seems that the increased activity and drive were somehow linked. At the new place has changed call letters to broadcast - MDZHB.

Previous attempts to find the location of the transmitter led to the Russian military base near the village Povarovo in 19ti km from Moscow. Once the signal has changed location, several groups of researchers and people interested in UVB-76 tried to get into the bunker from which the signal was broadcast 30 years. When they arrived at the village, a local told a story about a storm in 2010. One night, a very dense fog covered the village and the entire staff of the military base was evacuated for 90 minutes.

Once the researchers hit the territory of the base, they found that it was completely abandoned. Everywhere were scattered personal belongings and equipment, and the bunker was filled with water. One group of researchers has described the bunker as "quiet and dark place, like a maze with lots of corridors and rooms." It was found a notebook in which the log was conducted of all broadcasts UVB-76. Mystic signal, which surprised the whole world for over 30 years, has now received physical evidence, and confirmed its relationship with the Russian army.

Book recording broadcasts UVB-76

However, the secret signal is not solved yet. Periodically, this frequency appear at various messages. Students all over the world set up their receivers or listen online alarm every day. It is for this Linke can download stream, which relays the signal to UVB-76 in real time.

Along with the increased interest in the broadcasts themselves, did not stop and try to detect the location of a new transmitter. However, judging from the latest research are now the signal is broadcast from multiple locations on the territory of Russia. Here are three of the most possible ones:

The small village has Kirsino official population of 39 people. One of the signals coming from here.

The most likely candidate is the Pskov region. Multiple attempts to detect a drive signal is here.

There was also a new theory among people interested in UVB-76. Is it possible that the signal is somehow connected with the state radio station Voice of Russia? One of the possible sources UVB-76 was found very close to the antenna to the south-east of Kolpino. This equipment is used by the Russian government to broadcast radio across the country. One of the first messages UVB-76, after the move, was a piece of the Swan Lake. At the same time, the instrumental part of Swan Lake is loved by Radio Voice of Russia.

The approximate location of the signal near the radio transmitter the Voice of Russia.

Despite the fact that the old location of the signal has been found and studied, the purpose of the translation is unknown. And as with any mystical things - is fertile ground for a variety of conspiracy theories.

Probably the most formal of all ever received an explanation - a scientific paper published Geophysical Observatory "Borok". This government agency is a branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They explain that the signal generated Observatory, which uses the frequency of 4625 kHz to measure changes in the ionosphere of the planet.

The most favorite theory among fans - this is a signal that UVB-76 is an audio version of the so-called system of "Dead Man's Switch". In the case of nuclear attack, which will leave the army command without the possibility of leadership, the system should automatically launch the counter-punch. While the existence of such a system is not in question, it would be naive to believe that the Hummer - the sound of an imminent nuclear apocalypse.

The most plausible theory of the origin of the signal UVB-76 suggests that it is a system of communication that the army uses in the western part of Russia. Coded messages - are orders for a variety of military units that are easy and cheap to allow convey information to multiple locations simultaneously. As for Hummer, it is assumed that it is simply a marker to fill the airwaves and not allow others to use the same frequency. Here is a photo taken in one of the Russian military offices, indirectly confirms this theory.

Given that the information on display can be quite confident to conclude that the signal is not part of the "Dead Man's Switch", and no hiding. It turns out that for many years listened to online discussions western divisions of the Russian army.

And despite the fact that the mystery of UVB-76 like as disclosed, many people continue to listen to the broadcast. Hoping to catch a particular secret and mystical message. For those who know the truth - it's nothing more than a fun social phenomenon. However, for visitors / x / radio amateurs and UVB-76 is more. For them, it is a signal of impending apocalypse, the international spy network or secret Russian space experiment.

Believe it or not, it's hard to deny the fact of mixed emotions when you hear unrealistic and seemed to come from another world Posts UVB-76.

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