Subtleties kitchen skills: 20 practical tricks that will help you become about the mistress!

How do I know the freshness of the eggs, return bubbles in champagne or prevent bananas turn black? All this knowledge and skills come with experience, and it is necessary to spend more than a year in the kitchen in order to understand all the secrets of this skill. .cc is specially made for you a selection of tricks that will save your strength, money and patience. Use them to health!

1. How long to keep the cheese.

If you did not know, the cheese can be frozen. So he kept a long, folded it into a vacuum bag and place in the freezer. The day before you need the cheese, to shift it in the fridge. This trick works well with soft cheeses.

2. Replace the cream of yogurt.

Use yogurt instead of cream in the dishes that do not need to cook because yogurt can solidify during cooking. If you're going to bake a dish, use whole milk or mix it with yogurt in a ratio of 50 to 50.

3. For a long time the vegetables were fresh.

There is one little trick - bed at the bottom of the vegetable bin of paper towels. They absorb excess moisture, and fresh vegetables will last longer.

4. How to return the champagne bubbles.

If sparkling wine ran out of steam, do not rush to throw it away. Just add a few raisins.

5. Stop transfer lemons.

If you need only a few drops of lemon juice, it is not necessary to cut a lemon - so it will deteriorate faster. Just thrust it through a fruit skewer to squeeze out a few drops.

6. How to keep the freshness of the green.

Pack the green beams in vacuum bags and put them in the freezer. Also you can use as a packaging glass jars, but in that case you need to cut the greens. So they can be stored for about a month.

7. Deliver mushrooms mucus.

Simply wrap the mushrooms in paper towels before putting in the fridge.

8. To bananas are not darkened.

Keep them in a bundle, while you're not going to eat them, because individually they deteriorate faster.

9. How to determine the freshness of eggs.

For this purpose they must be lowered into the water glass. Fresh eggs sink and the old float.

10. How to update stale muffins.

Sprinkle with water, put it in a paper bag and put in a couple of minutes in the oven. Water vapor quickly returns fresh muffins.

11. For hard cheese not dried up.

Brush the cut of butter or margarine, so you'll be able to keep moisture inside.

12. To vegetables remain crunchy.

If radishes, celery and carrots crunch stopped, put them in ice water with a slice of raw potato.

13. To cookies are not cured.

Different types of biscuits are best kept separate, so that they did not pass each other moisture and does not lose its quality.

14. To salt remained loose.

Add some rice in the salt shaker. This will prevent the solidification of salt, as will remove excess moisture.

15. How to clean honey.

Honey - the only product that does not spoil. If he is a little sugar or dimmed - warm it in the microwave for 30 seconds on low power.

16. To keep the flavor of the oil.

Do not be afraid to stock oil for a few months in advance, because you can store it in the refrigerator for about six months. But that it retains its flavor, it should be put in a sealed container.

17. For dairy products there is not bacteria.

To do this, you need to store cheese and sour cream in a vacuum container, it will prevent the appearance of mold on the products.

18. To remove the insects.

Put it in a container of flour, pasta or rice bay leaf. So there will definitely not bugs.

19. Retain moisture in the pasta.

To cooked pasta can be eaten within a few hours - join them in a sealed plastic bag and put in the fridge. To warm up, throw them a few seconds in boiling water.

20. How to fix the salty soup.

It will be able to save a few slices of raw potatoes or apples. Put them in the soup for 10 minutes, then take out. If this does not work, throw it in a soup spoon of sugar or a little apple cider vinegar. In an extreme case Dilute soup water or broth.

These little tricks will be your salvation in the kitchen. You'll long to keep products, and they can easily refresh. Use these cooking tricks to become an exemplary hostess and help her friends in this!

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