Why wash raw chicken can be life-threatening? Develop your stereotypes!

When you wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them - this is without a doubt good. But this rule does not apply to the raw chicken. Now you know how this washing can be dangerous!

Any raw meat has a number of bacteria. Some of them - a very harmful and some our body copes easily. The raw chicken are found the most dangerous: the genus Campylobacter. This bacteria that can cause gastroenteritis (inflammatory disease of the stomach and small intestine). Infection occurs through the consumption of contaminated poultry meat is not transmitted properly cooked.

When you wash raw meat, which has a huge number of all kinds of bacteria, then you risk to spread them all over the kitchen. And for a strong food poisoning is enough just a few of these bacteria.

If the bacteria of the genus Campylobacter gets into the human body, the effects are expected not the most pleasant:

  • severe diarrhea;
  • vomiting;
  • high temperature;
  • severe pain in the abdomen.
    • Guillain-Barre syndrome (a disease of the peripheral nervous system, which is among the most severe);
    • reactive arthritis;
    • miscarriage;
    • inflammation colon.
      How to solve this problem?

      • Freeze chicken (if you keep the meat is in the freezer, you can be sure that the bacteria do not switch to other foods);
      • not my meat! (if you cook the chicken at a high temperature, the bacteria are destroyed by themselves);
      • sanitize the dishes (after the chicken went into the oven or soup, clean and wash the dishes and hands); < meat must be prepared (when you cut into another hot chicken, make sure that the meat is not blood, it is not raw, and juice from the chicken transparent).
        Aware - is forearmed! With this principle you need to start any business, especially for cooking. Sometimes the most harmless dish of simple ingredients can be extremely dangerous! Warn your friends about it by sharing with them the post. Be careful and healthy!

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