7 universal cosmetics that are easy to replace household chemicals.

.cc often tells you about how you can use normal things in life that are almost all, not for its intended purpose. Today we have prepared for you 7 ways to alternate the use of conventional cosmetics. You do not even suspect that cosmetics can be used as household chemicals and more. If you ended shoe polish, it does not matter, replace it with a conventional cream for hands or face! Though not on purpose, but with the use of ...

This tool can be used as bubble bath, unless you have a special powder. Even shampoo can wash delicate or children's clothes.

Hair Balm
Easily replaceable shaving gel.

face cream or body
This is a great tool for cleaning shoes or other leather products. It also protects your hands during the cold season and softens heel for warm socks. Another well-creams moisturize the ends of hair affected by paint, sun or frost. Just apply a little cream on the tips and evenly it assign.

lotion makeup remover
Copes with traces of foundation or lipstick on outerwear. Also easily cleans traces of hair dye on the forehead and behind the ears.

After Shave Gel
A good tool for the treatment of acne and drying.

Eau de Toilette
Conventional flavoring and bookcases. Just leave it ajar where things are stored off-season or bedding.

Softens dry cuticles during a home manicure.

If you end shoe cream or shaving gel, try to replace them by other means at hand. Believe me, the effect is the same. Or even better!

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