20 films, which is certainly worth a look if you want to learn how to understand women.

To understand a woman is not enough to be her. These films show the universe of the female soul, which is impressive diversity. On the eve of March 8 is particularly pleased to see such different, but in its own wonderful heroine. Arrange weekly movie about women look at themselves and others in a new way!

1. "Bridget Jones's Diary»

This film looks like a documentary film: the main character gets into such situations that are familiar real women. How not to get caught on the hook of illusions and cease to be disappointed? What to choose - a relationship or a career? Actress Renee Zellweger will show you the inner world of women in the context.

2. "Sweet November»

If to imagine a handsome man who absolutely like all women, it is so. The protagonist of this film shines with its charm. Keanu Reeves showed everyone how to be the perfect lover. The film, which will inspire to treat life with passion.

3. "Big eyes»

Why the woman is ready to endure everything for the sake of love? Even bestial attitude of the beloved ... It is better to ask the main character of this wonderful film. Director Tim Bёtron told the story of a woman who willingly sacrificed itself to those around her.

4. "Sentimental Education»

At what point she becomes a woman? As women get older emotions? Why are women so sensitive? These secrets are on the surface ...

5. "Jasmine»

A woman who has lost everything she could to lose. Where did the heroine so much courage to begin again the journey of life? It's amazing how in one fragile creature so easy to get along femininity and truly masculine strength. The strong-willed woman - the usual phenomenon of the modern world, the sad beauty of which is not a sin to recall once again.

6. "Baby»

The film is about a little naughty girl who lives inside every woman. If you stop to control yourself, it will take power into their own hands. Tantrums, mood swings, constant pranks and whims immediately take possession of the woman. What's so good? Perhaps because of this film is the answer is clear.

7. "Amelie»

Believe in miracles knows every woman. Ability wonder of life in all its manifestations and to enjoy the little things - pretty female character traits. The soundtrack of the film as if descended from heaven, and Audrey Tautou - can not be perfect.

8. "The tariff for the moonlight»

The story of this woman's friendship. This film shows the underside of the female experience everything that plays a huge role in the life of any woman. The main heroine of happy comments on his personal life and experiences associated with it. That's what really think women ...

9. «August»

Most painfully hurt the people closest. Family - a place of rest for men and a place of relentless work for women. The film with elegant Meryl Streep in the lead role talks about the fact that women have had to endure in family relations.

10. "Kate and Leopold»

Too perfect to be true. The film will appeal to all who long for romance and corny stories. Sometimes you need to submit an alternate reality, and this film is well coped with the task.

11. "Braveheart»

Women's incredibly complex relationships. Mother and daughter - are not always happy couple, women sometimes compete with each other and can not get along. Cartoon, which reveals all the cards between women ...

12. "The Holiday»

What a woman needs to be happy? All the fair sex need love, you need understanding and support is required. Whichever woman may be, it is - its most cherished dreams.

13. «Legally Blonde»

The comedy about a woman who likes to look stupid - it is no secret that can be drawn from this considerable benefit. Image silly tempting, because the main character uses it to the fullest.

14. "What women want»

Mel Gibson tried their best and learned something after all women want. You will be surprised, but it helped him a little ...

15. "Malena»

Is it easy to be a beautiful woman? The fate of the beauties often deplorable - to him no one dares to go. Women beautiful escorted envious glances and secretly hate. Beauty can be a punishment, the film perfectly demonstrates this.

16. "Vanished»

If you hurt a woman, do not be surprised its ingenuity in matters of revenge. Women's cunning, guile and even a certain brutality clearly transferred to the film. Only know how to forgive very strong woman.

17. "Under the Tuscan Sun»

The film is for anyone who was disappointed in myself and in men. The breeze, the sun and the freshness of the sea ... A touching story about how life can change for the better immediately.

18. "Head in the Clouds»

The duo of two great actresses will not leave anyone indifferent. The sensuality of a woman's love - one of the greatest mysteries in the world. This film should enjoy.

19. "Loves - does not love»

At first glance, this movie - romance, a weakling. But do not jump to conclusions! The woman is guided by emotions, coolly - not a female trait. That's why turn their lives into hell, any woman can in 5 minutes, and her own thoughts it is enough.

20. "Girls»

Good, old movie that has not lost its relevance today. It took many years, but women have changed little, excite them all the same questions. Very touching picture.

Any woman worthy of love and fair attitude. These movies remind us of the eternal truths that unite all women in one piece.

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