The shocking discovery: Lemon fights cancer 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy!

Recent discoveries have shown that ordinary lemon has just magical properties when it comes to fighting cancer. Familiar to all of us since childhood sour fruit was more effective than chemotherapy in a thousand times! Why is so little known, you ask? Well, think about it myself, if all cancer patients will move rapidly to treatment lemons, they are no longer needed will be no expensive drugs and research. Therefore, all much easier to pretend that nothing happened, and continue to pull money in silence. Everyone except the sick, of course ...

Oncological diseases appear as a result of acidification of the body and treated with alkalinization. It thus has the effect of lemon or juice from it. Fruit in a short time can lead your pH-balance to normal. Therefore, if you have such problems, eat or drink on a daily basis lemon lemon juice diluted with water. But avoid to combine the fruit with sugar, and throw out the bones, as they are harmful. In order not to destroy the enamel, drink juice, even diluted, through a tube, and then rinse your mouth with water.

Lemon has a striking effect on cysts and tumors of all types, fights with microbes, bacteria, parasites and fungi, lowers blood pressure and relieves stress for nervous disorders. You can use lemon juice, the flesh, bake him cookies, make cocktails or tea, provided that the food and drinks are sugar-free.

Since 1970, the anti-cancer properties of lemon checked dozens of times, and each time the result was simply amazing. Moreover, this fruit affects only the cancer cells and no effect on the benign. The studies showed a lemon 10 000 times more efficiency than Adriamycin - a drug that is most commonly used in chemotherapy.

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