25 choices of toppings for easy to prepare dishes - stuffed eggs.

Stuffed eggs - this tasty dish that is prepared in a matter of minutes. Eggs are a wonderful combination with other products: meat, poultry, fish, seafood, mushrooms, vegetables and other ingredients. A minimum of effort, you will receive a nice and delicious "boat».

With the preparation of this dish can handle everyone, even a beginner cook. All you need - to cook hard-boiled eggs, peel them from the shell and cut in half. Then you yolk are extracted, and can only fill the "boats" of the protein stuffing.

.cc has prepared for you a choice of 25 toppings for this uncomplicated dishes:

1. Fry the finely chopped onion and mix with egg yolk.

2. Hard cheese with garlic mayonnaise and egg yolk.

3. Yolk with chopped olives or olives and mayonnaise.

4. The red and black caviar. Even without the yolk.

5. cheese on a fine grater, walnuts, plus mayonnaise and garlic. Decorate halves of a walnut.

6. Tuna or saury with olives.

7. Prawns with egg yolk. Top - of whole boiled shrimp.

8. yolk, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles - grated or small pieces.

9. cod liver oil, egg yolk, plus fried onions.

10. ham, greens, egg yolk.

11. Any pie with egg yolk.

12. Any smoked fish with yolk.

13. Fried mushrooms, sour cream and egg yolk.

14. Salted herring, fresh apple and pickled onions.

15. Green peas, egg yolk and mayonnaise.

16. Avocado with crab sticks and mayonnaise.

17. Mushrooms, egg yolks, spices, mayonnaise.

18. yolk, fried onions.

19. yolk, fried in butter, onions, mushrooms, fried better (eg chanterelles), sour cream.

20. yolk, fried onions, salmon oil or cod liver oil.

21. yolk, boiled and roasted mushrooms (porcini), ham, fried onions and mayonnaise.

22. yolk, peas or green beans from the can. All wiped and abundantly fill spices.

23. Shrimp, figs, garlic and mayonnaise.

24. Herring mincemeat.

25. gras shall cut thin slices and fry with chopped onion rings, mix the egg yolks with butter and bechamel sauce, season with salt, black pepper and brandy, stuffed with egg white sauce on top of the fields.

This dish is perfect for a celebratory dinner for a normal family meal. Try to cook stuffed eggs with these toppings and choose your favorite!

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