Something clearly went wrong: 10 photos of the best culinary failures.

Often people see in cookbooks or on the websites of the beautiful photos of dishes and try to cook something like that. However, many people, especially beginners, rarely reproduce something similar to the original. But as they say, learn from mistakes, and we are able to just laugh heartily at these culinary creations. .cc offers you to see 10 pictures from the series "Expectation and Reality" in cooking.

1. A train that derailed.

2. Something went wrong ...

3. Cartoon characters are not the same.

4. rainbow mood.

5. incredible similarities.

6. A lot happened, then tried.

7. I still do not like pumpkin pie.

8. Complete failure.

9. gift for your loved ...

10. But edible!

We hope that this compilation like you. If suddenly you have the cake will not rise, then do not worry, remember those pictures and smile. After all, you could get worse ...

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