Kids Games for the development of speech and vocabulary baby.

An important point in the upbringing of the child - to teach him to talk. Like anything complex, all the kids are learning to speak on their own, the example of adults. Some start talking early, and the salvation of the bouncy, a lot of talking toddlers - no. Also need to teach them? The fact that a child is not always able to express the whole range of emotions that he was concerned. Just because they do not have enough vocabulary! Here we must try and attentive parents - to give their child the right amount of words that they can operate freely. Do it best with the help of ... the game! After all, when a child is fun and interesting, it is easy to remember new information and learns everything necessary. Word games are convenient in that they can be played anywhere - on a walk, on the way to store, transport, and in turn, just at your leisure ... Dare and your child definitely be able to tell you what he thinks about the world! < br />

1. Wrangler. The parent closes his eyes and asks the kid to tell him about everything that surrounds them. Cleverly asked questions encourage children to speak more. And do not forget about the sense of humor - a quality also needs to be developed. The kid who understands jokes and loves them to compose himself, to grow smart and happy.

2. The Last Word. is described, subject, if necessary, the child can ask leading questions - what color, shape, smell thing? What are its functions? Very useful for the development of fantasy and imagination confer qualities of living things inanimate objects. For example, the table today, cheerful, because with this cloth had a festive mood. If the baby is hazardous, then the game is important to set rules for the victory - for example, who will have the final word in the description of the subject, is the winner. Succumb not necessarily, in fact infinitely describe something you do not get.

3. Details. Talk about the details of things, laid them on the components. For example, your child will like to know what is in the car, and organize these names. You should not be limited to the visible parts - the world is complicated, and it is better to bring the little man is still a child.

4. Properties. describes the properties of objects and compare them with each other. "What cat?" - "Fluffy, soft, good-humored, hungry, chubby, mustachioed ..." "What is a flower?" - "Bright, sweet, fresh, elegant, delicate, beautiful ..." Well, do not forget to compare cat and flower - children in awe of such experiments.

5. History. The parent tells the story of a child, sometimes pausing - the kid has to insert the appropriate word. Excellent example of history in poetry - a poem Daniil Kharms "Very, very tasty pie": I wanted to make a score and I to her guests ... [called] I bought flour, bought cheese, baked crisp ... [cake] Pie, knives and forks here But something away .... [do not go] I waited until enough forces Then a piece of ... [a bit off] Then he pulled a chair and sat down, and the whole cake in a minute ... [ate] When the guests arrived, even the crumbs ... [not found]. All children love these texts, and this work is very develops their ability to choose the right words at crucial moments.

6. Writer. Have a child 5-7 words from which to create a coherent story. Very useful for illustration use pictures denoting these words - it stimulates the development of creative thinking in the child.

7. Find the bug. Parent-child voiced several proposals, making deliberate mistakes. The task of the baby - to identify and correct them.

8. Opposites. Teach the child to find the opposite of the meaning of the word, this skill is very useful to him at school. For example: hot - cold, sharp - blunt, gorgeous - disgusting.

9. Synonyms. If your baby is able to pick up a lot of words with similar meanings, build folding synonymous ranks, pay attention! Perhaps in the future it will grow a brilliant writer. For example, synonyms for the word love, "attraction, affection, inclination, passion, passion, devotion, attraction, mania, sympathy, loyalty».

10. Clouds. What is it like there is a cloud? Best Games for the development of imagination is not found! Consider the sky, discussing the shape of clouds - a pastime will long be remembered and you and your child.

11. Travel. Any ordinary campaign for can be transformed into a real journey! Coming out of the house, discuss the route, think about the things that you have taken with them. On the way, pay attention to details. Children love to take pictures of interesting things - allow your child to use your mobile phone to make the photo interesting house to photograph street scene or a pleasant kind of animal that you meet along the way.

12. Smileys. An excellent game that will save you from boredom in public transport: felt-tip pen to draw a baby fingers different faces - sad, funny, surprised. Improvised Puppet Theatre is ready! You can now give your fingers a different name and to invent incredible stories of their participation.

13. History. Tell me your child stories from your childhood! On various adventures, and not very pleasant. You will not only supplement the dictionary with new words baby, and share their experiences. Listening to your stories, the child will also seek clear, logical, emotionally speaking. Do not be surprised if he asks you to tell the story again, or even two!

14. Cartoon. Start to watch cartoon together with the baby. And then go away to another room, do their own thing. Tell your child about how sorry you can not watch the story to the end. Excitement and enthusiasm with which you tell the continuation of the animated television series, you will amaze and please!

15. The English word. Speak in English with the baby, teach him different words. While walking so comfortable learning new English words! You have no idea how the baby facilitate the assimilation of a foreign language - the barrier of fear will disappear, because if mom or dad know this and say so in daily life, and the kid will believe in themselves.

Parents - special people, everyone in this role, showing his best qualities: creativity, mental endurance, moral stamina, creativity ... Implementation of parenting skills should bring you pleasure, do everything consciously. Then a sense of guilt over the fact that you missed something in the upbringing of offspring, never to torment you.

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