A clever way to preserve the freshness of dill in the refrigerator. Worth a try!

Sweet fennel - a favorite seasoning mistresses. Without dill most dishes have a completely different taste! Its medicinal properties have been known since ancient times: the minerals that make up the dill, improve the digestive process and purify the blood. Dill contains mineral salts of calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, essential oils, vitamin C, A, B, PP. It has become very common freezing dill - convenient to store it in the freezer, herbs available year-round. Dill, who has been exposed to low temperatures, really well maintained, but, alas, loses its beneficial properties! There is a way to save up for a long time Dill better take into service.

Fresh dill wash well, we shall cut finely and dry. Place the chopped dill in clean dry jars, cover. Thus dill safely stored in the refrigerator as long as 2 months, does not yellow and does not lose flavor. All the vitamins and nutrients are preserved perfectly! Really handy to have a clean, sliced, ready-to-eat fennel in the refrigerator.

In the summer of always a pleasure to add them to a bowl of fresh greens. It is better not to buy it in the store, and the market - domestic herbs from the garden, of course, useful. Any herbs can be stored for a long time by conventional bulbs: Climb bought herbs, but it is not mine. Put green bouquet in a plastic bag, to the same - cut the onion into quarters. Tie a package stored in the fridge, every 5 days ventilated him and me on a fresh onion. Any greens - parsley, dill, cilantro, celery em> - can be stored as a bouquet of flowers in a jar of water. To succulent leaves do not evaporate moisture, wrap the green and a plastic bag.

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