Cheese biscuits: cost ingredients, ease of preparation and excellent taste!

Many of us do not like cottage cheese in a pure form. And to the children and say no! Therefore, the wise mother, knowing the benefits of cheese and its nutritional value, try to vary the menu so that the child (and all members of the household with him) certainly ate this useful product at least once a week. If your family has an air sample tasty casserole, sweet dumplings with cottage cheese or a terrific dessert, we recommend to prepare a simple meal and a budget, which does not need a long time to mess around! This will not only treat the whole family, but also save time for other things. We offer to your attention the cookies on the preparation of which you will take just 30 minutes!


250 g of cottage cheese; 100 g margarine or butter; 250 g flour; 1 h. liter. baking powder; 100 g sugar; a pinch of salt; cinnamon (optional); sugar for sprinkling. li > How to prepare:

1. Mix cottage cheese with grated margarine (or butter), add flour and baking powder.

2. Knead smooth, not lipnuschee hands on the dough and send it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

3. When the dough has "rested", roll out a layer thickness of 0, 5 cm or a little thinner. With engrave glass mug.

4. Each circle perch one party sugar sugared folded in half inside out, resulting in a semi-circle again perch sugar and candied again Gather a party inside. One side of a triangle perch into sugar.

5. baking cookies laid out sugared side up and bake at 180 ° C for 25-30 minutes until golden brown. Done!

As you can see, the preparation of such a curd dessert is quite budget and requires no special culinary skills. Share this recipe with your friends, maybe tasty cookies will be a frequent visitor to not only yours, but also on their desk!

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