Tragedy in Germany and the US

The global financial crisis spills out aggression, hatred and anger. Unknown on Wednesday opened fire at a school in south-west Germany, at least two students were killed. The incident took place in located in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Stuttgart area town of Winnenden. The shooter was wearing a military uniform. Data on the number of fatalities and injuries, as well as the circumstances of the accident are specified.

The incident took place in Germany a few hours after the United States in the state of Alabama Unknown staged massacre, which killed 10 people, including the gunman himself. The striker, who, according to preliminary data, there were about 35 years old, opened fire on at least four times and killed nine people and then shot himself.

In the United States on Tuesday turned another bloody drama - as reported by CNN, in southern Alabama unknown shot 10 people, including his wife and child, and then set fire to his mother's house and shot himself.


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