15 postcards realistic about healthy lifestyles. How is familiar!

When doing sports, it often happens: if you want all at once, as it turns out - nothing, and gradually ... If you're going with the spirit, before sitting down to a grueling diet or looking for forces to buy a gym membership, advise season these processes dose of humor. Healthy lifestyle - yet another reason to make fun of yourself! Such serious things as exercise and a healthy diet can not be treated without a shadow of a smile becomes boring and uninteresting. Cheer up, the fun is just beginning!

I can drive too fast to worry about cholesterol!

I got rid of all the harmful foods in the refrigerator.
It was very tasty.

- I will make your life a living hell! I'll take whatever you like!
- Yes, I was told that you are a good nutritionist.

I bought a new high-tech refrigerator. I try to open it after 18:00 and he said to me in a human voice:
- will be a day - will be food.

Exercise for effective weight loss: the slow turning of the head to the left, then - slowly to the right. Perform when the offer to eat something delicious.

Lose the spring did not happen. Raskormlyu friends - to play on the contrast ...

Some phrases - as if exactly about me ... "He added, potatoes, salt and put the tank on fire." Let the diet never bring you to this! If our post make you smile -porekomenduy it to their loved ones.

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