8 ingenious tips that could save someone's life.

Of course, we all went to school, listening to the instructions of teachers, how to behave in dangerous for health and life situations, and even wrote under the dictation of notes on the last pages of the diary. But yesterday's students have grown, diaries and guidance teachers safely forgotten, and life and then tries to present another (not always pleasant) surprise. We are sure that you or your loved ones will never fall into similar situations. But it is better to be prepared for anything, than at a crucial moment confused. Be sure to read these tips!

Situation 1. A person became ill, and around it was already a crowd. What to do?

As a rule, in a situation where there are a lot of bystanders, the smallest probability that someone will help, since everyone will be hoping for another. - Your task is to make people more responsible, otherwise they will be and just stand and watch. How to do it:

1. Identify a person in the crowd who will help you. Of course, his name is hardly known to you, so just point to and describe: "A man in a white T-shirt and beige shorts! Please come to me and help me to keep / bandage / transfer the person ยป.

2. Refer to another person with the request to call an ambulance. I do not think that someone is already doing this. Everyone will be thinking the same way.

Situation 2. You suddenly choked. What to do?

Such situations are very difficult to predict, so the sequence of actions necessary to memorize by heart. If you are choking and can not breathe immediately they arise in the emphasis lying down, leaning on his hands and knees. Then abruptly throw the arms forward and drop to the chest and abdomen. Pretty unpleasant procedure, but saving lives is worth it.

Situation 3. You're stuck in the snow. What to do?

If you're stuck under the snow drifts and did not know which way to get out, clearing a small hole in front of his mouth and spit into it. Under the force of gravity saliva will flow towards the ground. This means that you should move in the opposite direction.

Situation 4. You're lost in the woods. What to do?

In the woods quite easy to get lost. If this happens and your screams echo does not react, even - circumvention of the trees on one side. If you are right-handed, then left, and if left-handed - the right. So you can not go in a circle.

The situation 5. You suspect that something was wrong in the taxi. How to deal with suspicious driver?

First of all, observe the rules: before getting into a taxi, always remembers the number of the machine. If you think that the taxi driver is behaving suspiciously, call relatives or anyone familiar (at the very least pretend that you call) and in the course of the conversation (even fictional) tell the other party that is already going in a taxi and call number of the machine. The driver will not know for what purpose you made the call, and if it is really up to something, but now will only worry about what number of his car knows who else, which means that nothing bad will not take, even if going.

The situation 6. Your friend is drunk but said that sober, and sits behind the wheel. How to proceed?

Blow it out or let a slap. Helps.

The situation 7. Do you feel a sharp pain in the heart. What to do?

Most likely, you have a heart attack. Before the arrival of ambulances and taking the pills breathe as deeply and vigorously as you can. It helps to pump blood from the heart.

The situation 8. You fell into the water on the machine. How to proceed?

The main thing is do not panic and do not try to immediately open the car door, or a sharp stream of water, not only to hit you, but will carry deep into the interior. Wait until the car plunged into the water, open a window or door slightly open so that the water is slowly poured into the cabin. After he almost full, you can open the door and swim out.

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