10 for original ideas for a home manicure. Instructions included!

There are more than 16 types of nail polish that women love to adorn themselves more often. Fortunately, in the home can be made not only to the US (where the color of nail polish and lipstick identical). Even intricate, delicate patterns are available to perform at home, the main thing - to know the tricks that will help make your nails perfect. We offer you to consider these stylish ideas for decorating nails. Colorful manicure looks complicated at first glance guide will help you to implement even the most daring ideas!

1. With thin slips, labels you can easily make an original manicure.

2. Just have a special thin brush to paint with varnish, and the dream becomes a reality.

3. Mix colors, do not be shy! An exciting idea.

4. The gradient can be done at home if you want, just need to find the right color varnish.

5. Droplets of contrasting color lacquer look luxurious.

6. Needle - appropriate equipment to carry out these figures.

7. Variation manicure with stripes stickers.

8. It looks very elegant!

9. Normal moon manicure is possible to change.

10. Without labels can not do if you value neatness ...

The first coating, which is not soluble in water, was invented in 1934. Since then, women have become captives of this beautiful material: the beautiful shine manicure wants each. Our ideas will help you to complement the image of well-groomed hands with manicure interesting. Many believe manicure excellent psychotherapeutic procedure - no need to hurry when doing it, relax, and to give full care of yourself ...

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