How to increase your height: methods with the result. Stop hanging on the bar!

People who dream to grow up, can rejoice! The growth can actually be increased. As is known, the active growth phase lasts up to 25 years. After this age, it is hard to change anything ... But even if you have long turned 25 and you follow these simple guidelines, there will be changes in the body. We used to hear that contribute to an increase in the growth of long-term employment at the bar - if you hang it pulls. Alas, it is not. You will be higher if you start the complex to monitor their health and engage in those kinds of physical activity, which generally strengthen and develop the body. Start small and get closer to the cherished dream!

1. The increase in growth is most conducive ... Stretching!

Proper daily stretching develops flexibility of the body. Muscles and tendons stretch the spine is aligned, the intervertebral discs are in place. We recommend doing one of the simplest exercises for stretching, which is very effective. Put your feet shoulder width apart, get his fingertips to the floor. Legs keep straight, feel as stretched muscles of the back and hips. Hold a static position for a moment, if you can - longer. If you continually perform this stretch, your body will get stronger and grow up!

2. Jumping

Leap from pulling up the body - is also a great stretch. If every day to make 200 of these active jumping, your posture will be smoother. For 1-2 months can grow if persevere.

3. Swimming

The most healthy exercise for our body - without a doubt, swimming. If you swim, while controlling the breath and completely fill your lungs with air, can become healthier in a couple of months. Very good, if the baby floats in the active phase of growth - it is certainly not remain stunted.

4. Basketball

This sport is constantly causes drag up! Why such a high basketball? If an early age a person engaged in a physical activity, the body gets used to the fact that you need a lot of jump, stretch the muscles of the arms and legs, keep your back straight. Integrated development of the whole organism tidies the hormonal system and normalizes function of internal organs, and it is very important for someone who wants to grow.

5. Proper nutrition

To power the person who wants to grow up, to be treated very seriously. It is necessary to include in the menu, a lot of high-quality dairy products rich in calcium, and - foods rich in iron and zinc (apples, pumpkin seeds). You can drink vitamins with these elements separately. More protein, less carbohydrates - for a good metabolism is the right power supply circuit. Become the above procedure is not possible without the work of the whole organism.

6. Massage

Professional massage helps straightening the spine and the establishment of all processes in the body. Visit the 20 sessions of massage, and you feel that the body is changed for the better, but you add a few centimeters in height!

7. Healthy sleep

9 hours of sleep every day - a direct route to increased growth! Remember that the body needs recovery, especially if you're going to engage in physical activities that we have proposed. Without proper rest all your efforts come to naught.

There are many techniques to increase growth, and all of them give a certain result - closed after 25 years of growth zone from time to time offer. If you do not stop the development of the entire body, then the growth will change! Take care of a responsible, comprehensive, and the desired goal would be closer. Tell a friend about how important a sensible approach to increase growth, for many, this problem is urgent!

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