They know the secret of longevity! Hunza - one of the most mysterious tribes in the world ...

They do not get cancer live longer than a hundred years and almost do not eat meat. They are unfamiliar stress, bad habits and bad health. No, this is not the television series Heroes. It is common inhabitants of our planet, which has long figured out the secret to longevity and happy life.

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Far to the east, in northern Pakistan near the border with China, it is an amazing valley called Hunza. Hunza River flows between the two highest mountain ranges in the world: the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram. This valley - one of the most mysterious in the world. And the people who live here, no less mysterious.

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Residents called the Hunza Valley. They are virtually cut off from the world, and because for thousands of years been able to preserve the ancient traditions of his people. About Khunzakh there are many myths and legends, but the fact remains that the average lifespan of 90 to 110-ta years. Surprisingly, even in this elderly people-Hunza all normal: the blood pressure and cholesterol levels and heart function. What then is their secret?

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For a long time it was assumed that the unusual effects of longevity Valley residents are due to genetic factors. However, studies have shown that environmental factors play a more important role. These include a diet based on plant foods and active lifestyles.

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Like anything new - a healthy diet and exercise. It would seem that the secret of longevity is open! But I think that the residents of the Hunza valley is known more. And this we did not come to know ...

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