7 fatal mistakes parents who prevent their children to become leaders.

Not always love and care of parents are helping them avoid mistakes in the upbringing of their children, as parental love is often blind. This requires a special wisdom. Renowned psychologist Tim Elmore conducted studies and concluded that the moms and dads and grandparents from childhood lay in the quality of the kid that can adversely affect his adult life, so they unknowingly getting in the way of their own child's success. Especially for you want to point out the 7 most common fateful mistakes that parents make in raising children.

1. We are keeping the children to take risks
Our world is full of dangers. "Safety first" - the motto of many parents, because they are doing everything possible to protect their child from potential threats. Yes, the main function of the parents - to protect the child, but overprotection can prevent him from going on a healthy risk, as a result, he will not have immunity to the upcoming difficulties in adult life. And that could have dire consequences. European psychologists have proven that if a child never fell and broke his knees, in the future it may be many, it would seem unreasonable phobias. Children need to fall several times to realize that the fall - this is normal, but the most important thing in life - to be able to get up in time. Teenagers, for example, is very important to fail in the first unrequited love, to gain emotional maturity that requires adult relationship. If the parents eliminate the risk of a child's life, they must be prepared for the fact that he grow up an arrogant egotist or unprepared for the life of a person with low self-esteem.

2. We are in no matter what was always in a hurry to their aid
Today's generation of children does not have the life skills that were inherent in children 30 years ago. Now parents decide everything for them. When we pamper children and too quickly rush to their aid, we deprive them of the need to deal with their own difficulties. Sooner or later the child gets used to the fact that some of it will solve all his problems. So he may remain irresponsible infantile kid in the guise of an adult.

3. We often offer up their
Yes, children need to know what they are wonderful and special, but do not need to overdo it, because the child will be disappointed when he realizes that he is regarded as such a mom and dad. On the one hand, it is good, but on the other hand, it is far from reality. He begins to doubt the objectivity of the evaluation of the parent. When we constantly praise our children and ignore their bad behavior, it can lead to what the child learns in every possible way to deceive, to exaggerate, to lie, to look good child to his parents, thus escaping from the objective reality, rather than to face it and take her.

4. We allow guilt to the children to master us
It is not necessary that the child loved you every minute. He certainly cope with disappointment, but he will never be able to cope with their depravity. Do not be afraid to say "no" or "not now" and give the opportunity to fight for what he really appreciates and loves. Be careful, encouraging good behavior of the child shopping in a supermarket. If your relationship with him will be built only on material gain, and he will never have its own internal motivation for good behavior, and he did not know what love bezkorystnaya.

5. We do not teach them to their mistakes
The child must experience everything first hand. Learn from your mistakes - always much more effective than listening to other people's advice. But this does not mean that we can not help them to direct the water in the right direction. Tell your child about the mistakes that you made in his own age. It might help him in the future to make the right choice. Avoid stories about the negative experience of smoking or alcohol consumption, about this they really do not need to know. Speak to daze about how you feel when faced with a similar problem, how you solved it and what lesson you from it issued. It certainly works!

6. We put the sign of equation between the talent and maturity of
Very often, parents are the child's maturity level is measured intelligence. But it's not right. Most of the known stars, athletes and other celebrities have a huge talent, but in a rather mature age behave inappropriately and become participants in various public scandals. Since talent does not guarantee a high level of maturity.

7. We do not want to show the children an example of his life
Parents need to take responsibility, show an example of their lives to children. Always be careful when you make the choice to act one way or another. Remember, your children notice everything! Show me what love and self-sacrifice in practice; everywhere leaves behind only a good track, and you will see, they will do the same.

Children are obliged to fulfill their potential. Do not bother them to make mistakes and succeed. Prevent mistakes and tell other parents that interferes with their children to become successful leaders.



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