20 funny pictures taken at the perfect moment. They unscrewed your brain inside out!

Of course, staged photographs are good, but the most interesting, of course, are, casual shots. Argued that in a photograph taken in a perfect moment to be perfect angle, the perfect time and / or location.

These funny photos you may have not seen. Which of them do you think the most interesting?

1. This cat has wings. B>

2. Nick Cave and his curls. B>

3. Eyes butterflies. B>

4. Poor ladybug, I think now hit a club. B>

5. The good old beard. B>

6. Seals successfully turned around. B>

7. Eyes Wide Shut. B>

8. Random Mohawk in Vegas. B>

9. We can look right through it. B>

10. One eye from her - a rabbit. B>

11. This big feet! B>

12. Rapid progress in the future. B>

13. Reflecting on the dog's life ...

14. Yes this is a mirror on the wall! B>

15. You smell good. B>

16. Well ... almost. B>

17. Perfect. B>

18. It is love! B>

19. Cool, man. B>

20. Eyeball. B>

Well? Your brain is still intact? Of course, to make such pictures, you need a fair share of luck. But how to know when and where will the inspiration for a great shot? Look carefully to what surrounds you: you are sure to see the unusual in everyday things.

Show these photos to your friends - even if they see that it means "a matter of chanceĀ»!



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