Fate gave the last chance to find a homeless former happiness ...

This touching movie was directed by Nuno Rocha for LG Portugal, but it was based on the company's slogan "Life is good." This would seem to have lost the man had a chance to look at life from the outside. Imagine his surprise when pictures appear on the screen of his past, where he was laughing, surrounded by his loving family. What happened to him? How could he kill himself? And he could do to prevent this? The road back has not. But when it seems that nothing can not be changed, the fate gives us one last chance, that we can either immediately or may not notice and ignore. From prison and from scrip does not renounce. Judges who did not even tried to save anybody. The main thing - to be able to understand, to forgive and to give an opportunity to become stronger than others! Most native people for him to lend a helping hand when he was almost at the bottom. This man was a real chance to turn the fate of cool and recover happiness ... I wonder if he uses it?

And what would be in his place and did you ? Do not forget about the family. Find the time to call and at least ask how they are doing, whether they are healthy. Know how to forgive when you need to - Give a helping hand. Destiny can not give us a second chance. All of us need to be kinder, perhaps, the world will be a little better. This story about a homeless affects the most delicate notes of the soul - show this video to the families and loved ones you people.



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