18 incredible vintage photos that you will not find in history books. Look into the past!

Photos - a great way to learn history. Of course, the book gives us a broader understanding of what happened, but it was looking at an old picture, you can feel your own presence during an event and see everything with my own eyes.

This selection of photos will help you learn more about our past.

1. Think with your head. This man is clearly not happy with the Nazi ideology. B>

2. Kathryn Switzer - the first female member of the Boston Marathon. These men against her race. 1967 g of Photography. B>

3. Salvador Dali had just finished writing a portrait of the famous nature Raquel Welch. 1955. B>

4. Nikola Tesla Wardenclyffe Tower with its transmitting coil. B>

5. He - a Protestant, she - a Catholic. They were husband and wife on the ground and, hopefully, they will be in heaven. B>

6. The seals on the tomb of Tutankhamen 3245 years. A few minutes later it will be broken by researchers. 1922. B>

7. Men, painting the Eiffel Tower, not to take courage. Picture taken in 1932. B>

8. The installer makes the artificial respiration "mouth-to-mouth" to his friend, who had just received a strong electric shock. B>

9. Albert Einstein enjoying summer breeze in Nassau, New York, 1939 g of. B>

10. Who would have thought that the icebergs have caves? Photos English Antarctic Expedition in 1911. B>

11. Titanic still floats. Last photo giant. B>

12. 106-year-old Armenian woman is ready to protect your home. Photos of 1990, at the height of the Karabakh conflict. B>

13. Glorious time for rock music: the first Woodstock festival in 1969

14. Women into carriers of ice in 1918. B>

15. Hannah Stilley was born in 1746. Perhaps it is the oldest inhabitant of the Earth, filmed on film. Picture taken in 1840. B>

16. For eighteen months before the stunning success: the concert The Beatles in 1961. Audience - 18 people. B>

17. The first trip to the oldest metro of the world - London. 1862. B>

18. So in 1955, we looked lockers listening records in the London music store. B>

Of course, the study of the history of the book there is no substitute, but at times the reader's imagination can lead very far from the subject matter. Thank you for photographers to help us to see things as they are.

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