25 Soviet things that have not heard abroad

Past each country is unique and combines the people living in it. Maxim magazine recalled the good Soviet times and has collected what is in our hearts a pleasant thrill and nostalgic.

1. Pionerbol

This simplified under the sickly baby calf option volleyball appeared in the 30s. Let this type of Soviet children's sports developed primarily a prehensile function of the body, but he was amazingly democratic. Play pionerbol could literally everything: boys, girls, thick, dystrophic, mentally retarded, and bespectacled. In pionerbole stars did not appear, because the play is good it could not (could play very bad, but that's another story). Until now, the Russian children in the Turkish and Spanish hotels amazing staff, playing a mysterious game.

2. Confidence turnikety

That's where they buried the roots of national psychology. Only we have the turnstiles operate on the principle of carnivorous plants. They lurk in the dark iron boxes, creating the illusion you have complete freedom and security. But any attempt at illegal entry into their jaws are closed on the body of the offender - in the area of ​​the most vulnerable places. Yes, we are not looking for easy ways. We gave them a child do not trust.

3. Boiled sguschenka

Caramelized condensed milk, and lived in foreign supermarkets - in the departments of every ingredients for confectionery products. But the taste, sight and smell is not something that our dear condensed milk, which you yourself three o'clock cooked in a saucepan, and then scraped off the walls and ceiling. After a little distracted by watching the final match of the European Cup.

4. Portyanki

"Footcloths been, is and will be! - He said once in an interview with the press chief of Logistics of the Armed Forces General of the Army Vladimir Isakov. - Because synthetics leg is bad, especially when you have to run 30 kilometers in canvas boots. Instead of synthetic thick socks need every soldier-made sewing, or they will kukozhitsya and legs to the bloody blisters to fill folds. Tried Russian army socks, I try, do not live in the Stone Age.

So, the experiments failed. It sorts the US Marines, who in helicopters so strive to move the jeep, they can afford to indulge in the toes. " This is the opinion of the army leadership. But really one useful skill from the army, each of us can bring. In women, for example, the ability to instantly make yourself socks two handkerchiefs impresses.

5. Sit on the track

Our ancient national superstition says that if all members of the family before leaving a noisy sit and pomolchat minute, the trip will be a success. Not least because it is in this sacred moment they can mysteriously become aware that a passport remained on the couch, tickets - in the bathroom, and on the child put on the skates instead of mittens.

6. Tap the derevu


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