15 blockbusters of 2014, which passed by your attention ... But you're bound to see them!

All of the films listed below have gathered at the American box office at least 10 million dollars. Granted, this is not the best result! But each of these blockbusters definitely worthy of your attention. This movie is not for everyone, but an ardent esthete will find in this list Lost kinosokrovische that will appeal to him. If you do not look at least one of these films in 2014, the year - I think that this year was in vain!

«catastrophe» («Blue Ruin»)
Incredibly soulful thriller Jeremy Saulnier, tells the story of Dwight (Macon Blair) - a guy with sad eyes, who returns to his hometown to take revenge on the murderer of his parents, who had just got out of prison. Dwight attempts to murder. But from that moment the whole life of a Man going to hell - everything goes awry. The intense story of this tragic film draws the viewer into a game of survival, and the ending is unexpected plunges into shock.


«Calvary» («Calvary»)
Simple Fr. James, who received the rank of the death of his wife, living out his life in a provincial town. And then it suddenly dumped a strange chain of events that knocks out of the rut of his life: his own daughter attempts suicide, and the father of James in confession learns that his wish to kill. But among the general bustle, disbelief and despair, this good man tries to help everyone around him. In the "Calvary" is displayed the world where the pain is inevitable, and the joy of forgiveness in the human soul is awe-inspiring.


«enemy» («Enemy»)
Adam (Jake Gyllenhaal), a gloomy college teacher, rents stupid comedy, and at some point realizes that the person on the screen like him. He tracks down to play in this comedy actor (who also plays Jake Gyllenhaal) and learns that this fool has a pregnant wife. Adam meets the man - and then the plot of the film is even more confusing. The "enemy" - the film is not easy, but Jake Gyllenhaal shows are brilliant actor playing both roles. In addition, the film boasts one of the worst endings I've ever seen.


«She returned home one night» («A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night»)
This film by director Ana Lily Amirpur in the best tradition of the vampire movie immerses you into a surreal world of the night one of the towns of Iran. The main character - the vampire that surround social outcasts, criminals and prostitutes. But everything changes the day - and she turns back into a normal shy girl.


«Guest» («The Guest»)
This film in the style of the best blockbusters such as "Terminator" and "Halloween" tells the story of a certain David, who once comes to a family that has lost a loved one in the war his son and colleague of the deceased appears. But in the radiant smile of a typical blue-eyed American guy hides a sinister secret surprise.


«The fatal passion» («The Immigrant»)
If MTV Movie fairly distributed, Marion Cotillard would have received his second Oscar for the title role in the delightful film "Fatal Passion." This is the story of Eve Cybulski Polish girl, who along with her sister in pursuit of the American dream is moving to New York. Girl in search of a better life falls into the hands of predatory pimp Bruno Weis. However, suddenly appears on the horizon cousin Bruno, who falls in love with Eva unconsciousness. The image of Eve Cybulski - definitely one of the best roles in the Cinematheque Marion Cotillard.


«Lock» («Locke»)
The painting "Locke" - a sample of experimentation Tom Hardy. Almost the whole movie is the fact that Hardy as Ivan Locke edit on the night of the London motorway and all the while talking on the phone. But this seemingly monotonous film directed by Steven Knight completely knocks you out of the normal rhythm of life. Family-Oriented Ivan Lok exciting waiting for tomorrow, because it promises a major opportunity, which may lead him to a dramatic career, but one phone call to radically alter habitual existence of a model of a man who all his life then, and did what he was trying to live right.


«his child» («Obvious Child»)
Abortion - is hardly the best topic for a light romantic comedy, but this theme became central to picture Gillian Robespierre "his baby." Donna - the young stand-up comedian, savory whose life becomes even more complicated after she became pregnant by a drunk stranger from Vermont. A small mistake for a girl turns an unwanted pregnancy. This thoughtful film miraculously combines elements of comedy and tragedy.


«Beloved» («The One I Love»)
Personal psychology of the couple, which is in crisis, as reparative therapy invites them to live in an idyllic mansion to sort out their complicated relationships. There they opened just did amazing things about relationships, about which they had no idea before.


«Only Lovers Left Alive» («Only Lovers Left Alive»)
You probably think that another vampire story can not be original. But when you see a compelling Eva (Tilda Swinton) as the 3000-year-old vampire, who will do everything for the sake of her lover Adam (Tom Hiddleston) - rocker from Detroit, you immediately comes into my head thought: "I have never ever seen anything like it ! "It's an interesting and not a banal story about the bloodsuckers that, each worth seeing.


«Actress» («Actress»)
This is a film about a failed actress who was never able to realize themselves in their profession. She played a great role, which almost became the last of her career. Now, the main character - an ordinary housewife who works and makes a desperate attempt to return to the field of acting. She can not imagine his life without wings and cameras. This documentary, which will show you the psychology of disaffected person inside.


«Twins» («The Skeleton Twins»)
The twins Milo and Maggie have not spoken to each other for ages. Everything changes when one day the news of the suicide attempt Miley helps prevent suicide attempts Maggie. It sounds strange? But all this funny film is built on just such paradoxes.


«Obsession» «Whiplash»
Andrew dreams of becoming a great drummer. And then he falls into one of the best orchestras of very talented conductor. The desire to become a better guy grabs the whole thing. Besides, it adds fuel to the fire of his ruthless mentor - and then Andrew's dream turns into a wild obsession.


«We are the best!» («We Are the Best!»)
This atmospheric Swedish teen picture of the three schoolgirls Stockholm Bobo, Klara and Hedvig, who dream to create his punk band, despite the fact that the heyday of the rock genre came in the distant 80th. Besides, none of them does not know how to play musical instruments. But nothing can calm the ardor of the rocker girls! This gentle and touching film shows all the joys and sorrows of adolescence.


«Friendship and no sex?» («What If»)
Masterpiece instance of romantic comedies with the original name «What If», which the Russian-speaking theaters translated as "What If", tells the story of a guy Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) and girl Shantri (Zoe Kazan), who once met at a party and suddenly We realized that they were made for each other. But there is one little "but". Shantri been dating a guy, but Wallace is not going to give up. It is a beautiful film about the limitless possibilities of youth.


Still not too late to catch up! What are you waiting for? Sit down and feel free to watch these wonderful pictures of 2014 year. Share this list with your friends - they simply have to see it!

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