23 most bizarre Christmas traditions from around the world. Be sure to try, maybe you are lucky!

New Year - one of the oldest holidays. Since this holiday is connected many customs. Moreover, every nation in this respect has its quirks and respects the unique Christmas traditions. Some of them seem silly and pointless, others and did reach the point of absurdity, but for each of them hides a priceless experience of their ancestors. And you would make such a weak ?!

Argentina & lt; / b

Put on the new pink underwear to attract love.

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At exactly 00:00 step into right foot forward to in the new year you always get up, as they say, "on the wrong foot»!

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At midnight stroll through the streets of the city, with all the dope banging on pots and pans.

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Put the white stuff to scare away evil spirits.

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Jump over 7 waves to you in the next year good luck.

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Bring gifts, preferably flowers, water goddess Yemaya.

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Look terrible and hated New Year's Eve TV show Jools Holland «Hootenanny».

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Sesh spoonful of lentils at midnight, that the next year was full of money and work.

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To get rid of negative energy - sweep in the house.

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Walk with an empty suitcase around the house - and the coming year will be filled with travel!

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Make a doll that looks like a stuffed animal and burn it. This action symbolizes the farewell to the old and welcome the new year.

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El Salvador

Exactly at midnight, break an egg into a glass and leave it on the windowsill overnight. In the morning look what the figure was formed - it will symbolize what fate will present to you next year.

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To predict its fate - cast the molten metal into the cold water.

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At 00:00, New Year's Eve, come out into the street and took with him 12 coins. Be on the opposite side of the street and throw them behind his back. This will ensure you a stable monetary profit for the whole year.

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Dutch Taste dessert «Oliebollen» - oil beads coated with powdered sugar, which is usually fried in boiling oil in deep fat.

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New Year's Eve turn on lights throughout the house. This will help to ward off evil spirits.

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Open all doors, tables, windows, and as soon as it was midnight - quickly runs and close them.

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Puerto Rico

Fill all the pots and buckets that are in the house with water. As soon as the clock strikes midnight - pour it in front of the threshold.

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Write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, throw in a glass of champagne, and then try to quickly drink contents of the glass until 00:01.

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Immediately after the fight chimes begins «first footing» - the arrival of the first guest in the new year. «First footing» usually brings a bunch of gifts, including petty cash, bread, salt, coal and whiskey. These gifts promise to bring guests and hosts financial prosperity and happiness in the new year.

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With each stroke chimes to eat one grape - it will bring you a prosperous new year.

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Buy grenades and throw it from his balcony to the street. The more juice to splash the blow, the more generous will be next year.

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Wear yellow underwear "for good luck».

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Unfortunately, to do it all in one New Year's Eve - it is impossible. But I will try a couple of fancy tricks, and maybe I get lucky! Tell me about these most unusual customs and traditions from around the world to your friends.

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