Finely ... Mentally ... to tears ... 5 beautiful poems by 5 well-known actors.

Well, apparently, the word ... But, sometimes, a little verse is able to transmit two-three words more emotion than a huge novel. If prose addressed to reason, then poetry is aimed directly at feelings. Rhyme master of the pen line can cause sincere impulse in the human soul.

Directed by Valeri Todorovski even in 2013-th presented the audience's attention a remarkable domestic series called "Thaw", the plot of which takes place in the 60s of the 20th century. This picture is impregnated with the atmosphere of a bygone era and is the viewer who knows about it firsthand, pleasant nostalgia. A special series of color give the poems and songs that sound at the end of each series. Enjoy lyrics, famous actors read from the heart with.

Gennady Shpalikov "People are losing only once" (Alexander Yatsenko reading).

Gennady Shpalikov "I see you, I remember you "(Yevgeny Tsyganov reading).

Bella Akhmadulina "In the month of May in the month of my "(read Anna Chipovskaya).

Bella Akhmadulina "From the depths of my misery "(read Viktoria Isakova)

Gennady Shpalikov "In Unfortunately or fortunately, the truth is simple "(reads Mikhail Efremov)

These lines are listening with a sinking heart ... Mikhail Efremov, As always, great! Thanks to the authors and the actors! Your friends just can not pass up these masterpieces - share them beautiful.

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