Very beautiful girl in police

In Soviet times on the screens could contemplate only honest, tough and incorruptible police officers and investigators, like Zheglova and Sharapova. Woman detective - it was something as exotic as dreadlocks on his head a Soviet citizen. Now other times and the fair sex jostle successful men in the roles of police officers, special agents, cops and others. "La Femme Nikita" and "Alias" - a classic, but there are still quite a few series where the crime fighting lovely ladies

Detective with a phenomenal memory Olivia Dunham from the TV series "Fringe" by Anna Torv

Loved Dana Scully from "The X-Files" performed by Gillian Anderson

Kelly Garrett of "Charlie's Angels" by Jaclyn Smith

Dangerous and beautiful - it's about the agent Sarah Walker from the series "Chuck" by Yvonne Strahovski

Forensic Catherine Willows in «CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" by Marg Helgenberger

The series «La Femme Nikita» («La Femme Nikita" by Peta Wilson) is based on the eponymous French film director Luc Besson. Surprisingly, the show largely surpassed the success of the feature film of the same name - a huge success he went to 52 countries within a few years.

The series "Nikita." 2nd season. Continuation of the acclaimed US series, whose first season won many fans worldwide

Detective Olivia Benson by Mariska Hardzhitay (now I know who she is !!! (see. Paparazzi-chronicled) in the TV series "Law & Order

Emotional Ana Lucia Cortez, of "Lost" by Michelle Rodriguez

Prone to soul-searching Dani Reese from the series "Life" by Sarah Shahi

Clever and quick-witted Kate Beckett from the TV series "Castle" performed by Stana Katic

Heather Locklear can play not only a bitch. Her police officer Stacy Sheridan in the TV series 80 "TJ Hooker" - an example of responsible cop

Deduction - a lot of Sherlock Holmes, and a modern detective must be very beautiful, like Jane Rizolli in the series' Rizolli and Ayzls "performed Angie Harmon


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