5 instructive stories that will completely change your outlook on life. Each weight in gold!

Whether you yourself to the fans of the books? Even if you think reading a dull affair, believe me, you will not be difficult to read all of these stories, as it takes you on the strength of 5-10 minutes. I assure you, these short, but incredibly instructive little product can make you look at life in a new way. Each of them has a moral - their main core. It will help you learn some life lesson that you can not always extract from huge stories and novels. This 5-parables simple stories that make you think and reconsider their stance. They shed light on the most inveterate evils of our society, to have the opportunity to eradicate them. Just aptly and wisely! Read it and draw conclusions.

1. Once the mouse noticed that the owner of the farm has set a trap. She immediately decided to tell about this chicken, sheep and cows. But they answered: «Mousetrap - not our problem. What should we be afraid ?! It has to do with us! » I>

But one day a snake caught in a trap and bitten by a farmer's wife. To bring the poison and toxins, the farmer decided to make his wife chicken soup. To feed the guests who came to visit the sick, he slaughtered a sheep. Unfortunately, his wife died. And to feed the guests at the funeral, the farmer killed the cow.

All this time the mouse is only just watched the scene from their burrows and thought about the things that no one have nothing to do ...

Morals. No matter what is safe, so we can not be indifferent to other people's problems.

2. Eagle just sitting and resting on a tree.
Suddenly a small rabbit saw the eagle and asked:
- Can I also sit like you and do nothing? i>
- Of course, you can, why not? i> - he replied.
Rabbit sat down under a tree and began to relax. But suddenly, out of nowhere, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.

Morals. If you want to sit around doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high.

3. Once on the farm became ill horse.
- If you feel it in the morning, I'll have him put to sleep. i>
In the morning the horse stood up. Next to him was a ram:
- Come on, get up, or you will die! i>
The horse pulled himself together and stood up.
- It's a miracle! It is certainly to celebrate! On this occasion, we will slaughter a sheep! I>

Morals. Never Mind your own business (but do not forget about the history of a mousetrap).

4. Three men dragged the stones. One of them was once asked:
- What are you doing here? i>
He wiped the sweat from his forehead and said:
- What's that? Gorbachev. I>
We went to the second and asked:
- What are you doing? i>
He rolled up his sleeves and said briskly:
- to earn money. What am I still doing here? I>
Then they asked the third:
- What are you doing? i>
He looked up and said:
- The cathedral was built. i>

Morals. It is only when you begin to pursue the great goal, your life becomes meaningful.

5. Once the taxi driver had to bring up well-known in the city of millionaires. He did not stand on ceremony and paid exactly on the counter.
Taxi Driver:
- And I here yesterday picked up your son, so he told me $ 100 tip left. i>
- Well, what you want: it has the same father - a millionaire, and I - an orphan. i>

Morals. Only he knows the value of money, who earned their own labor.

It turns out that brevity - the sister of talent, not only, but also of wisdom. I hope you learned something useful from these little stories. Be a friend - Share these instructive parables with their family and friends.

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